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Hello Monbebe,

A couple days ago Wonho posted this picture above with the caption: "Monbebe, we are finished with winter preparations *snow man emoji* Do not worry and Monbebe too wear warm clothes and see you at MAMA! #BeautifulMoment30minutes_GongkaAttack #Thanks #Holiday" (translated by fymonsta-x)

This is the back of the jacket they were wearing~

It says MONSTAX CLAN TOUR and below that it says Starship followed by the staff title positions / names and MONBEBE at the bottom. Now by "MonstaX Clan Tour" do they mean all the tours they've been having (Korea, Philippines, Singapore, etc.) since 'The Clan' and will continue to be having for the next Clan promotions? Or are they secretly tossing hints at us????

Will there be an official Clan Tour??

I'm so confused to be honest. Way to go Starship... lol

How would you feel about a Monsta X Tour?

Monsta Mod Team:


Seriously, though! I would love love love it if Monsta X would come to America! I am not afraid to put $200+ down for a Monsta X concert! Hands down, the instant I find out whether they are coming here, I'll be purchasing tickets if I have the money!
Haha same!! Even if I have to go through all California finding coins on the ground 😅
Shoot if they come to America I want that jacket
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Right?! I live in Miami I wouldn't even have any use for it but I want it
*goes to buy a ramen hoodie to get noticed*
LMFAO!!!!!! 😂😂
I would love for Monsta X to come to Texas. That would be awesome to see my UB in Concert. 😍
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@MonAnnahiX I would be happy with a fan event 😆
@MelissaGarza yes, I would love to see my dimpled UB in Texas too
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