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So I was just asked out by Josh, but then he says he has a curfew. Alright fine with me!
So Jun asks me out to a theme park, but it storms by the time we get there. Really?! -_-
Wonwoo and I go to a pub to chill, but then we see the other members show up and find us. Alright! I don't care!
Hoshi takes me back to my place, but I'm the one driving home. He probably lost his license.
Mingyu decides to cheer me up with some hot coco at the cafe, until he returned and spilled the drink on my favorite shirt. SHIRT!
Jun bought me ice cream, but it fell on me. DAMMIT!
Mingyu invited me to a picnic by the river in a bad area where birds pooped all over us! FORK!
So Jeonghan invites me to a movie at one time, but he ends up seeing it 30 minutes earlier than what he had said. That's okay! I'll see it at a different time than you.
Josh got hungry so he tried to buy us street food, but he forgot his wallet. Great! Just great! Now I have to either fast or buy my own food instead of having him buy some for me.
Walking around town, my heel gets stuck in the pavement of the sidewalk and I fall into Hansol's arms, only to fall to the ground and pull his pants down with me on accident. Well, time for part 3! (*wink wink* let me know if you want a third part to Project with Vernon)
Mingyu invites me to a fancy restaurant only to loose the reservation to someone else. Oh well! There's nothing we can do about it!
Seungcheol and I were walking back to the hotel on a stormy night and I get totally soaked by a car that drove in a rain puddle. GRRR!
As I walk up the stairs, Josh says my name and I turn around, trip on myself and I fall down the stairs and end up going to the urgent care center. Or the hospital!
Well, I hope you all liked my SSG results! I will be back with more oneshots very soon, so stay tuned!