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wish you all happy holiday and to all the oppas out there <3
@dramacrazy @Nonabisi I'm not sure. i think you have to upload the picand put it in an editing program. put the text. on it and resavt. the pic with a new name and then upload it on the site. it's been a ling time since I have done it so I'm a little rusty on details. Sorry @dramacrazy
@dramacrazy i don't think u can it's either u comment the link to the pic or make card with the pic and tag us all to see :)
@@StephiiKins, sun saeng nim Jae gave them to me this afternoon.
@StephiiKins, today I got some songpyun, sanbae sun saeng nim Jae, they look just the pic on this card. Is there a way to attach a pic to a comment? technology is not my friend, I'm somewhat challenged:(
@dramacrazy @Nonabisi thanks for the linos! I'm sure theu will help!!!
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