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I SAW HIM IN THE MALL....AND I SAID WHAT DA???/ it is NICKHUN.... member of 2pm sooo..i dont even think twice if i should picture him...but here iam...hahahaha
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awwww chingu u r cute <3
4 years ago·Reply
i love nickhun oppa
4 years ago·Reply
soooo lucky they have pposters like dat in philipines :)
4 years ago·Reply
not in us i wanna c posters of my oppas 2 <3
4 years ago·Reply
hihihi.. you like it.. i just saw the mall...i really dont want to picture it. but my friends.. want me to pose like amodel but i said..picture me in this poster..i really wanted a poster of taecyeon not nickhun hihihih...LOLS
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