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This is a Taehyung fanfiction, which will be updated everyday until Christmas.
You have been dating your boyfriend, Taehyung, for about 4 years now; and will be spending everyday until Christmas together.
Day 4/25
Today we agreed to go on a lunch date, he went back to the dorms for the night to spend some time with his friends. Even though I want to spend everyday with him, I can't have him all to myself.
"What should I wear?" I said looking at the clothes sprawled over my bed. I took a picture and sent it to my friend. About a minute later she texted me which one.
I nodded and put on the light blue shirt with white jeans. I put on my make up and slipped my silver jacket on. I put my silver high heels on and grabbed my purse before heading out. We were supposed to be going to this really homie type of restaurant. Taehyung said they had a super cool Christmas deal. The food there is really good too, so I wasn't gonna say no. Free food? yes please
I felt my mouth watering as I thought of the delicious food. When I walked in the restaurant a male waiter came up to me.
"Are you (y/n) (l/n)?"
"Yes I am."
"Please follow me." He then started walking. I followed behind him.
'Did Taehyung do this for me?' I smiled thinking to myself. When we walked around the corner and I saw Taehyung sitting at a table with a bouquet of flowers. The waiter cleared his throat and and Taehyung stood up immediately and looked at me. I smiled and waved. I walked up to Taehyung but he said,
"I know this isn't so homie but-" he shrugged his shoulders.
I smiled, "As long as I'm with you I don't care." I walked up to him and kissed him.
"I love you so much Taehyung."
"Me too."
"Now let's eat!" I said while sitting down.
Once we ordered our food we reminisced or past.
"I remembered the first time you brought me here." He said.
"It was somewhere around us in our 5 months of dating?"
"Yeah. June 7th."
"Woah! How do you remember that from 4 years ago?" I asked surprised.
"I count the moments with you as most important." I hummed in agreement.
"I have to go to the toilet, I'll be right back." I grabbed my purse and headed for the restroom. Hair. check. Makeup. Check. Outfit. Check. I played around with my hair for a while and headed back out to the table. From afar I saw the table with food on it. I got all sad and walked to the table.
"Don't worry, I didn't start eating. I was waiting for you." He said and smiled.
"You're the best." I then remembered why I fell in love with him. I fell in love with his unique smile, his patience, his voice, and his heart. I loved the way he would never get mad even though I was a little moody that day. He would have enough patience to wait for me. His voice is so deep and soothing, and he would help me get through so many hard times. I never want to leave this boy, so I would have all the time in the world to repay him, for what he did to me.
"Taehyung, what made you fall in love with me?" I said as I took a bite of my pork.
"...Many things (y/n), your smile, you childlike personality, the way you would always blush when I would tease you. Why do you ask?"
"I was just wondering." I said leaning my head on the table staring at his cute face.
"Do you love my face that much?"
"Yes, and your smile, and your voice, and much more." I said in a daze. I snapped out of my daze and saw Taehyung blushing. I covered my mouth and blushed.
"I said something stupid didn't I?"
"No. I love what you just said." He said and embraced me over the table.
"Excuse me." We both let go of each other and turned around, seeing an old couple.
"Are you kids a couple?" The old lady asked.
"Yes we are."
"Aww, such a cute couple. I remember when we were like that honey." The lady said looking up at her husband.
"Yes, I could definitely tell you guys will last long." The old man said.
"Fighting!" Both of them said. I stood up and bowed towards them.
"Thank you." I said deeply. Taehyung followed.
"Yes. Thank you very much." Once we bowed the couple walked out waving to us.
We sat back down.
"I hope we become like that one day. A cute old couple still going on dates. I'm envious." I sighed. Yet Taehyung didn't say anything.
"I bet we'll be something like that."
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