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Omg, so much to say about Jumin's route! I've been rather conflicted about it, going back and forth on how I'd react if it were to really happen to me, what with all the red flags and the Stockholminess of the situation (pretty sure I would have wound up tied up in the cage due to too many failed escape attempts), but, in the end, I think his may be my favorite so far! I find myself wishing I had more time with him!

Discovering Emotions

It started slow. He just enjoyed hearing my voice, like all the guys do. I had a special understanding of him, and he noticed he was having certain feelings. I thought he was so cute and amusing whenever he'd discover a new one! I kinda wanted to smack Zen and Seven for making fun of him just for showing a little vulnerability...

That Escalated Quickly!

Probably everyone's favorite moment in Jumin's route was when Sarah pretended to have information on Elizabeth when she was missing, and he decided to play out some soap opera scene to get rid of her, and as an excuse to kiss me! I thought we hadn't progressed to that stage in our relationship yet, but apparently he had other ideas! I positively squealed at my phone!

Ignored Signs

There were some weird signs of Jumin's growing emotional instability, like when he off-the-cuff said that I couldn't leave and all the times he mentioned the cage (he always said he was joking, but I'm not so sure...), leading up to the chat with Zen and Seven. As much as I appreciated their concern, I didn't want to believe them. I thought it more likely that Zen was being jealous and Seven was just screwing with me, and I wanted to trust Jumin!

Scary Jumin

So this moment scared me a bit... I couldn't stop thinking about it my whole night and half wanted Zen to come save me, but that would have been a bad idea... I understood his concerns, about my safety, about the possibility that I'd run away like Elizabeth, and this was definitely the point of max emotional instability for him, but I started to doubt how he felt about me, what I was to him and whether he understood that.

My Favorite Moment ♡

My favorite moment, though, was his recovery from that episode, when he opened up. It was reassuring that he knew he was being irrational, that his statements supported what I'd been saying all along, that he just needed more time to work through things and pull himself together, which was easier when he could see with his own eyes that I was okay. I realized that, as much as he'd scared me earlier, he was even more terrified! I felt kinda guilty for doubting him before; my heart ached for him, and I just wanted to settle in his lap, kiss his forehead, hug him, anything to show him that I was there for him, that I still trusted him, that I wouldn't leave him, and that everything would be okay!
His growth reminded me of this post about a caterpillar turning into a butterfly, how he kind of turned into a mass of emotional goo before pulling himself together to become an even more beautiful version of himself! Just thought the comparison was worth a mention!
So, yeah, it's been a rollercoaster, but one I'm quite pleased with! In the end, when he entrusted me to Zen, should anything ever happen to him, I almost cried! I can't stop wishing that I could just run to him, forget reality, and live happily ever after with him! I mean, he basically have me permission to live the happy otaku life I've dreamed about, when I'm not busy loving him, plus I see some fun adult times in our future. *wink wink* Also, dude's got damn good taste; idk when I would have occasion to wear it, but I want that dress! ♡ I want that life! Why can't I be fictional!? And as usual, I apologize for rambling so long! I just have a lot of feelings about Jumin! ♡ PS: I almost forgot to mention that he shares his voice actor with Kyoya Ootori of the Ouran High School Host Club, and his free talk is adorable! >.< Tagging my Mystic sisters! Let me know if you wanna be added or removed! @RogueLeigh @SimplyAwkward @Sharia @QBDaBest @JustinaNguyen @alexcattura @trustfundkid @QueenPandaBunny
Crazy I read this whole thing!! Haha, not laughing at you but myself bc I agree with you on the point of why can't something like this, or reverse roles for me haha, be my life and reality. Haha dreams make it hard to let pass and not want it. If only dreams like those were obtainable easily or with true feelings and emotions!! Crazy but rambling about something you feel about is pretty awesome so go for it whenever haha, I sure do sometimes!! Awesome NAKAMA!'
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Haha 😜 in the eyes of a captain. I mean mind haha!!
I've been taking a break from MM (gotta study for finals 😭😭) but I think I'll play Jumin's route again when I have time. His route is definitely my favorite after Seven's.
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Thanks! You too!
Lol!!!! I'm on his route now and I'm almost done with it.
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OMG, YES!!!!!
Yo I still need to do his route, so excited, but Im taking a break from the game cause it takes a lot of my time. :(
STOP!! XD Im barely going to do his route Im so tempted to read more but i dont want to spoil it
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@OtakuDemon10 Hehe i did red the first ones tho hehehe
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