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Who: Zhang Yixing x reader x Kim Junmyeon What: Angst Betrayal Smut Story: Five years after the worst break up of your life you found love again and married Zhang Yixing. A three year marriage going strong suddenly turns upside down when Your husband's best friend stays at your place for a few weeks.
Y/n's POV Soft moans echoed in your head as you laid in the bed of your master bedroom. You were curled up under sheets replaying the events of three days ago. You hadn't called into work. The boys had called you but you didn't answer. Junmyeon had left you alone and Yixing hadn't been home in three days. He hadn't called you either. He was furious. Each time you thought about his face you cried again, you curled up more in the bed and you didn't move. You were weak at this point. Your stomach growled uncontrollably so you got up for the first time that day and went in the kitchen. You should've been out of tears by now but you weren't. Three days ago Junmyeon had you on the bed of your spare bedroom. He'd stripped you of your clothes, you only had your bra on, he'd climbed over top of you slow and steady. You hadn't moved aside from brushing tears away. He kissed your cheek, he was being gentle and it just reminded you of Yixing, it just reminded you that you weren't right for him. It just reminded you that you had given up and that Junmyeon was mocking you of that. Little bits of fight came back when you'd tell him no and turn your head so he couldn't kiss you but then he'd get your neck. He grabbed you by your waist and roughly pulled you into him. He kissed the valley of your breast and his hand traveled up your body. His lips kissed down your body and your body reacted to every touch, kiss and lick he placed on you. You weren't even sure how much time had passed by before he was inside you. He called you beautiful, he told you to let him hear your voice. He gripped your neck with amazing strength; it was what you were used to. That high feeling, the amazing tingle that ran through your body. His lips trailed up your leg and past your knee. He flattened his tongue on your thigh but when he got your inner thigh he bit at your flesh. He nipped away at it make you gasp and moan. You whispered Yixing's name a few times, you couldn't explain why, like you were saying it so he'd appear and save you or you were saying it as the beginning of an apology. You whined and whimpered his name which only further upset Junmyeon. He had grabbed you by the backs of your thighs and raised your lower body up till only your upper back was on the bed. Your shoulders sunk into the mattress and you moaned as his tongues prodded your entrance. His hand came down pushing your bra up to fondle your breast while he ate you out in the odd position. His fingers pinching hard at your nipples, "Junmyeon-ah!" you cried. "So fucking delicious baby girl." he said into your wet folds. No matter how much you didn't want this you weren't fighting him anymore, you were just giving in. You felt his tongue reach a little deeper and you cried feeling yourself squeeze around his protruding tongue. He dropped you on the bed and you took a breath, the uncomfortable position finally over with but he'd quickly moved you to flip you over on your knees. He pushed three fingers inside you without hesitation and you cried out again squeezing the bed sheets. You moaned trying not to be loud. His hand slapped your ass and you moaned at the hard sting. His hand continued not letting up for a second turning your butt red while fingering you quickly. He pulled his fingers from you only to push inside you himself. His body repeatedly slamming into your body, gripping your neck and pulling you up against his body. "Shit baby girl I've missed your fucking body." He said through gritted teeth. Your hand went through his hair while he sucked on your neck and you could feel yourself close to your release. You whined both at the fact that you were about to come and that he had no condom on. You released an exhale that sounded like pure sorrow and he pushed you to the bed still moving, he knew you were close. His hands came to your ass feeling it, squeezing it and lifting your butt higher to get a better angle. "I can reach you deeper like this baby girl. You love it don't you?" He said into your ear before he bit your earlobe. Yes you did, it felt great but no you didn't because he wasn't Yixing. All you could do was concentrate on your orgasm closing in as you cried into the bed sheets. "Cum for me Y/n." He demanded. After a few more harsh thrusts, you tensed up as you felt your release but then tensed even more as you felt his just chasing behind you. You breathed in shock while he filled you up, your body jerking a little as he rode both your highs down. You sat up crying and clutching the bed sheets to cover yourself up. He touched your face lightly and you flinched and closed your eyes. "It pisses me off you'll shed tears for him especially when I've already told you, you're mine." He said. You covered up more, the feeling of him releasing inside you not leaving you just yet. "Stop crying." He said. You sniffed trying to stop but you couldn't knowing what you had done. You should've finished the conversation at Uni. You should've told Yixing about him, you should've fucking finished the conversation and made him take you home so you weren't alone. Instantly, that sickness came over you again and you noticed the headache you had you weren't sure if it had just begun or had always been there. "I said stop fucking crying Y/n." He snapped at you. That only made it worse. He got frustrated and lunged towards you, you backed up but not fast enough and he'd caught your cheek and kissed you. That was mostly a surprise because you thought he'd hit you. He kissed you as the door to the spare room opened up and you turned to see Yixing looking at the two of you finishing the kiss. Your naked body wrapped up in the bed sheets and his naked body exposed. Your clothes spread across the room carelessly and you instantly wanted to throw up. The tears came back as that look of anger, disappointment and betrayal washed over his face. "No, no, no, no,no. Yixing." You said quickly while crying. You got out of the bed to follow him as he quickly turned around and left the door. You called after him and reached out for his arm but he yanked it away and looked down at you furious. You cried, "Please, you don't- understand." you cried. He shook his head. He wouldn't even talk to you. He simply left. He walked out the door without a word and it was at that point you actually felt yourself lose your senses. You felt your heart shatter and when Junmyeon came out of the bedroom you had wanted to kill him. "Bab-" "Get the fuck out of my house." You said walking past his out stretched hand. "What did you just say?" He snapped. You walked to your bedroom door and walked in aiming to close the door. He stopped you and said, "You're not going to tell me what to do Y/n." "Either you fucking leave or I call the police. I fucking hate you. Do you understand that? Your face makes me sick, you make me sick I can't stand the sight of you. Leave my fucking house immediately and never come the fuck back." You pushed him back and closed the door locking it behind you. He banged on your door telling you to unlock it. He cussed and threatened but the door never opened up again. You took your shorts and tank top, locked the door to your bathroom and showered. You had no idea how long you stayed in the shower but no matter how much you scrubbed and cleaned Junmyeon felt like he was tattooed to your skin. He just wasn't going away. Three days. That's how long it was. Three days since Junmyeon left, since you'd seen Yixing, since you'd left the house or had contact with any human being. It was nearly three days since you really ate anything although, your body was begging for food. You didn't answer the phone or the door, not even the TV ran in your house. Echos of what you had done was all that existed aside from yourself. Echos of infidelity you let happen, tears you'd cried, yours and Yixing's fights. Echos of "what if's" played in your already breaking mind and every fiber of your being just wanted to forget. You partly wished you and Yixing had never met, at least then he'd never hurt like this. Marrying you was probably his biggest regret and his second was calling Junmyeon a friend. You walked out of the kitchen with your last stick of cheese and you took a small bite. You heard your front door open and you felt your heart leap. Yixing was home... Junmyeon's POV He spent the past week and a half letting what they did linger in her mind waiting for it to break her. She'd be easier to take under him if her head was racked with guilt. Aside from kissing her here and there, he kept his distance and then he caught her in the kitchen alone. The possibility of her being pregnant never slipped into his mind until she'd said it. He figured she said it because she thought she was or they were trying to have one. They wouldn't try right now though, not when Yixing was working so much, he barley had time for her let alone a kid. She said she wasn't pregnant but she said it too quickly as if she were covering up something and that had pissed him off. He'd gone back to his room after Y/n pulled Yixing away from the kitchen but he didn't expect her to plea with him to make him leave. He knew that's what had happened and he also knew she still hadn't told him about their history since Yixing wasn't itching to punch him in the face. With her out of the house for the night and Yixing asking him to leave, he got pissed off. He still hadn't had her completely. He still needed to show her that she was his. So he waited for her that next day. He'd let that anger fester inside him until he heard her come into the house. He hated that Yixing married her. He hated that she moved on from him, he hated that she was possibly pregnant. She was his, always his. Five years he'd waited to see her again, find her here and Seoul and she had the nerve to be married. To claim she loved him but Junmyeon knew her, he could get right into her head and he had the moment he'd taken her wedding ring from her. He'd mocked Yixing's style by being gentle to her at first but then his old ways came back, giving her the pain she loved so much during sex. The kind that had her crying for him, her back arching off the bed and her toes curling. It pissed him off that she was crying because he knew why she was crying. She fucking loved him. The moment Yixing caught them in mid kiss he could hear desperation in her voice as she tried to explain herself. He couldn't watch the stupid display so he got dressed instead. Once Yixing was gone he figured he could finally get her to submit to him but her anger had been much stronger than her pain at that point. She was furious enough to cuss him out, strong enough to push him away and she locked him out of her room. She created so much distance it was like when she broke up with him. Silence. He gave her space for a few days but she was heavy in his mind. He needed to see her. He couldn't bare the idea of Yixing coming back to her. He was close to getting her back in his arms. She would come to him, she was hurt so she'd let him have her because when she was emotionally wrecked that's when she wanted sex the most. That's when she wanted to feel amazing through her pain. Her masochist style, if her heart hurt she wanted sex where she could feel pleasure and pain at the same time. She could be tied down and slapped, kissed and fucked from behind and damn her neck. The moment he got his hand around her neck she'd fall to him. Her weakest spot. After that, it was hard for her to fight. He still had the key to her house so he walked in today. After three days, he walked in to see her standing in the opening of her kitchen and living room. Her hopeful eyes turned to that of disdain. She had a small stick of cheese in her hand she was just barely eating. Her face got hard while his got softer. She looked terrible. She looked somewhere between sleep deprived and starving. Her tank still clung to her body and her shorts were ridden up but somehow she looked unhealthy. "Get out." She said. Her voice was scratchy and her eyes were red and puffy. She was still crying after three days. "Ba-" "I said get the Fuck out!" She yelled. He stepped towards her and she backed away. "Have you been eating at all? You're seriously going to drown yourself in tears, you can't keep doing this." "I told you to leave." She said. "Y/n put some clothes on, I'm taking you to go eat you need something more than cheese. I can tell your hungry." "Get out." She repeated again. He was getting upset but mainly because she wasn't eating well. One thing he did notice was there was no alcohol around which was good. Y/n drunk was hard to handle. He reached out for her and she quickly ducked under his arm and stood by the front door. She watched him carefully. "Get out. Now." She said. He sighed, he walked over to the door carefully and she held it open for him. When he was close enough he snatched her arm up and grabbed her shoes. "Let go!" She said pissed. "I'm taking you to get something to eat stop fighting me." He said. She slapped his hand and he drug her out of the house closing the door behind him. She continued to slap him and struggle telling him to let go. They got to his car and he opened the door and told her to get in. She stared at him for a moment breathing heavily. She was angry. She motioned to into the car like she was going to get in but then suddenly she took off in the opposite direction outside her driveway. She was slow mostly because she was weak. "Damn it Y/n come back." He said jogging behind her after tossing her shoes in the car. She'd run out into the street but he saw the car coming for her before she did and all he could do was watch as he screamed, "Y/n!" The car slammed on its breaks but it still hit her. Her body was thrown and then rolled across the street and Junmyeon ran to her as the driver got out of the car. "Fucking hell. Y/n! Come on baby girl open your eyes." He said once he got to her side. The back of her head was bleeding and she had blood coming from her mouth. He held her face in his hands, her body laying across his knees. The driver in the background was on the phone with the emergency first response. "Y/n, come on Y/n. You can open your eyes look at me. Listen to me. Damn it Y/n!" Junmyeon issued orders as if she'd listen. It was possibly the first time Junmyeon ever felt himself freak out. With everything out of his control and Y/n's unconscious body in his arms, he was actually scared. He was shaking. She wasn't moving and he went to check her pulse. "Fuck! Damn it Y/n don't you dare do this." He laid her back on the ground and preformed CPR, if he could keep her heart pumping and the blood flowing she had a chance.... Jongdae's POV "I can't believe he just gave you the key." Minseok said disappointed. "He's just hurt don't be upset at him." Jongdae said. They were on their way to Y/n's place again. She hadn't opened the door in a few days and despite Jongdae begging Yixing to go check up on her he didn't want to see her. Jongdae could feel it though, something bad was going to happen. Yixing had saved her from a downward spiral whether he knew it or not and if she thought she lost him... He didn't even want to think about it but with her not calling out of work, not answering the door or her phone. He could only fear she'd done something terrible to herself. Yixing cared, he really did; he was worried about her but he couldn't face her. The amount of crying she would've done only made Jongdae far more worried. What if she did leave the house and got drunk? She thought she was pregnant but after losing Yixing, there was no telling what she'd do. She had an abortion when she was pregnant by Junmyeon but she did that because she didn't want anything keeping them together. She knew whole heatedly they weren't meant to last but she couldn't let go. She could however, make sure that if she did leave one day there would be no reason for him to follow. Even then though, the guilt of getting rid of her baby had put her through so much emotionally that the more she broke down the easier it was for Junmyeon to control her so she went back to him and stayed. He did everything he could to keep her on his chain and he had. It was their lunch break and by the time they got to Y/n's place there was nothing but lights surrounding the area. "What's going on," Minseok said worried. "Please don't tell me she's-" "Don't say it Minseok. She wouldn't." Jongdae said. Minseok looked at him knowing full well Jongdae knew that was a lie. He was trying not to think the worst but the worst was only yet to come. Jongdae got out of the car with Minseok and they made their way to the blocked off area. Jongdae hailed one of the medics on the scene. "Excuse me is there a girl with brown hair in there? She's about 5'5, brown eyes. Her name's Y/n." Jongdae asked. "Are you a family member?" He asked. "We're long time friends we came here to see her. Is she alright?" Minseok asked. The medic looked down with a sigh and Jongdae wiped his face stressed. He shook his head tears brimming his eyes, "Can you please just tell us if she's alive?" Jongdae asked. The first ambulance truck took off and Jongdae could feel his heart racing. The medic looked behind him and said, "Look all I can say for now is that she was hit pretty hard. Her heart rate was slowing it doesn't mean she's dead but I can't guarantee she'll even make it to the hospital." "Shit. Shit. Shit. What the Fuck was she doing?" Jongdae said. "Okay look calm down, she's not gone yet. Let's just go to the hospital. I'll call Yixing on the way." "What if he doesn't come?" Jongdae asked. "Well no matter what she did Y/n is still his wife and no way in hell would he ignore the fact that she's in the hospital." "Minseok- what if she was pregnant." Minseok let one tear slip out before he wiped the rest away. "Let's just focus on one thing at a time." He answered. Please let her be alive.
damn it Junmyeon. look wat u did to me. Yixing please be my angel and save me. get out of my life Junmyeon lol i still love u tho lol
JUNMEON WTF IS WRONG WITH YOU!!!!!!!πŸ˜­πŸ˜­πŸ˜­πŸ’”πŸ’”πŸ’” Please let Yixing come to me ugh my heart its breaking......why do you do this to me 😭😭😒😒❀❀❀❀
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lol as long as you love me πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚β€
Dammit Junmyeon!!!!!!!! Why couldn't you just leave me alone!!!!!! SELFISH BASTARD!!!!!! AND YIXING, WHY DIDNT YOU STAY?????? YOU KNOW I LOVE YOU!!!!! BRE, WHY YOU DO THIS TO ME??????
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AH HELL!!!!!!!!
I hate you junmeyon... Why couldn't you just leave her alone!!!
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@KpopQueenaBee πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ™‚πŸ™‚πŸ€”πŸ€”πŸ€”πŸ€”πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€
Ahhhhhh I hate junmeyon πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ—£πŸ˜
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@QueenLele That is true he should've left her alone