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Can you name the K-Drama??


I found a 50 question quiz. The quiz gives you a gif from a drama and you have a time limit of 20 min. to answer all 50 questions. Here is the link to the quiz: I got a total of 35 out of 50, the problem for me was my laptop is running slow so the gifs took a while to load. I didn't know any of the other 15 but one. I didn't get to see the last gif because it didn't load but after the quiz was over the gif loaded and I knew was it was. It was too late though. I would've gotten 36 because that other one that didn't load that I knew was the drama that introduced me to K-Dramas.

Take the quiz if you want and feel free to let me know what your score was! ^.^~

I thought this was gonna be a multiple choice type quiz, I'm terrible at remembering names, doing this by typing in an answer will be close to impossible for me xD
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haha if only it was a multiple choice but I'm alright with it because I'm good at remembering names
9 months ago
44 out of 50 not to some it took me forever to remember the name
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You did awesome! haha I didn't ok with remembering, most of them just came to right away.
9 months ago