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Chapter 12

Areum's POV Fate is a funny thing. You can try to avoid it, you can try to change it, but somehow fate has a way of making you do what it wants. It can twist ideas, cut corners... do whatever, to have it's way. "Come on," JB said as I came down the stairs from getting ready. JB grabbed my hand and started to lead us towards the front door. And for one split second... it seemed something was trying to test fate. As we made it to the door I heard the faint sound of my cell phone ringing on the coffee table. As I let go of JB to turn and head towards my phone, it stopped ringing. "Areum, come on," JB said waiting for me outside the door. I shrugged off the feeling of answering the phone and followed after JB, leaving my cell phone on the coffee table. Mark's POV I pressed the end button and put my phone behind my back as soon as I heard Mrs. Lee re-enter the classroom. Where are you Areum... I thought to myself. Areum's POV "So you made me skip school, to go here… of all places." I said while looking around the building. Arcade game after arcade game covered the walls. I looked over at JB, he had a big goofy smile on his face. He looked like he was a kid in a candy store. "Yep," He said while turning to face me, "What better way to relax than playing arcade games." I let out a sigh and crossed my arms. "Loosen up a bit won't you?" JB says as he walks further into the arcade. I roll my eyes as I follow him. Growing up my focus was spent on my studies, especially after my sister died. After a good 20 minutes of watching JB play the games I finally started to relax. I decided to give one of the games a try... It was frustrating. Not only did I lose multiple times, but JB would laugh at me every time I messed up. By the time I got to my fifth try I was determined I was going to beat this game. I was doing pretty good until I got to a certain part in the game. I was going to lose.. I felt it. I suddenly felt someone lean against my back and put their hands on mine. I turned my head and looked up to see who it was. JB.... "Pay attention to the screen, not me." He said with a smirk. JB moved my hands and helped me maneuver my character out of the sticky situation I had put her in. "There, now you can beat it." He whispered into my ear. For a good 3 seconds I forgot how to breathe. JB gave my hands a squeeze before letting them go and stepping away from my back. And just like that, with JB's help, I had won my very first arcade game. After another hour of playing games we finally decide to leave the arcade and go get something to eat. JB's POV Areum's face was beaming with a smile as we headed to my car to go and get something to eat. I had never seen this girl so happy. Her smile was bright enough to put the sun to shame. I smiled to myself as Areum walked ahead of me to the car. Just before we get to my car I hear someone call my name. "Well, well, well... if it isn't JB." I stop in my tracks, I feel my breath hitch and my blood run cold. Areum stops and turns around to face me. I instantly move in front of Areum blocking her from those who had just called my name. "Areum, wait in the car," I said while pressing the unlock button for her. Areum hesitates towards the car. "But-" "Areum! Car. NOW." I said in a stern voice. She looks up at me and nods. I make sure she gets in the car before turning around to face the people who called my name. "It is you, I thought I smelled a rat lurking around." The man named Yoongi said. "Who's the pretty girl you got with you today JB?" Namjoon said as he walked forward and threw an arm around my shoulder. I shrugged his arm off. "None of your business," I said to him. "Ahh... But JB it is our buisness," Jimin said from behind Yoongi. "You still owe us, remember?" "I owe you shit! I paid all my fines when I left." I said. "Hahaha, that's rich! Don't you know the first thing about being in a gang?" Yoongi said with a sinister smile on his face. "If you try to leave... you still owe us until the day you die." I swallowed hard, my hands were turning colder than ice. "But don't worry little rat," Namjoon said as he grabbed hold of my shoulders and shook them, "We're not here to collect today." Namjoon let go of my shoulders and pushed me back a little. I stumbled trying to find my balance again. As they began to walk off the opposite direction the youngest member Jungkook says something. "Oh JB, If I were you I would keep an eye on your girl. Nari isn’t too happy with either of you." Jungkook warned me before running off to catch up with the others. I made sure they were out of sight before returning to my car. "JB?" Areum said when I got in the car. "Is everything okay? Who were those guys?" "No one Areum, just some bad people from my past. You don't have to worry about them." Areum looked as if she was about to say something. Before she could I started the car, put on my seat belt and started towards her house. "We'll have to get food another time. It's probably best if I take you home right now." I said avoiding Areum's stare. "Okay." Areum said. Her voice sounded so small. I looked over at Areum, her head was now leaning on the window and her once bright smile... had disappeared. Areum's POV I said goodbye to JB as I closed his car door. I made my way inside, closed (and locked...) the front door and went into the living room to grab my phone. 5 missed calls 3 voicemails And well over 27 texts... all from Mark. I let out a sigh and went upstairs to my room, once in my room I set my purse down and just as I was about to set my phone on my desk a certain envelope caught my eye. Oh that's right, I thought to myself. I still never opened Mark's letter. I sat down at my desk, opened the letter and began reading it. Mark... he... likes me? I starred at the letter. How could I not see it? After all the years I've known that boy, after all the years of secretly liking him... I shake my head and stand up. I put the letter back in the envelope and stick it in the top drawer of my desk. I walk over and plop down on my bed. What's wrong with me? I think to myself. I should feel happy, the boy I have liked since we were kids, has feelings for me. But something feels wrong. I close my eyes and picture how Mark looks. How different he looks now vs. when we were kids, I smile thinking about the past. But as those memories fade, a new figure pops up in my head. His strong defined jawline, his soft lips, his two small birthmarks above his left eye, and those eyes that make me lose my breath. I open my eyes and sit up trying to shake the image of JB from my head. I place my hand over my chest, I feel like my heart is running a marathon. Why am I like this? I think to myself. I jump slightly when I hear my phone start ringing. I walk over to where I had sat it down and saw JB's name on the caller ID. And that's when the thought had occurred to me... I have feelings for JB...

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woo bad boys bts! 😂
please tell me you are updating soon?!?!?!
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@ShailaZaman I keep rereading each chapter the feelz!!!!
@ShailaZaman awesome thank you
no no no....i read all this hoping for mark ti get the girl...but knew it be jb...ugh i need to knkw whats going to happen next...more please....also add me to your tag list please
Funny thing is that I can't picture BTS being assholes here. They be too squishy! And I also forgot that Mark wrote you a letter Areum so you good 😅
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