You've probably heard someone say "I don't see color" or "Color doesn't matter to me", in an attempt to assure you they're not racist. It's a sentiment that makes me cringe every time I hear it, but I've never been able to put my finger on why, until now. I've always seen color...I see color, and I treat color with the same respect I treat everyone. It's important to recognize and respect all differences, whether skin, religion, political views, culture....whatever. If we don't recognize how we are different, we cannot fully accept and appreciate each other for who and what we opposed to "despite our differences". Saying that you don't see color is saying that you don't want to acknowledge obvious differences. If you cannot acknowledge differences, how can you accept those differences as a part of the person, how can you accept the person as a whole if you ignore an entire portion of their identity? How can you understand or appreciate what you "do not see"? If you only say it because discussing racial differences makes you uncomfortable, that is worse. Racism thrives because people are afraid to talk about racial differences. It thrives because people are afraid to listen to new perspectives. It thrives because people don't want to hear the frustrations of people that have been treated differently their whole lives. It thrives because people are comfortable living in denial. If you think you don't see color, get some corrective lenses, and adjust your focus. Start paying attention to color. Start paying attention to how people are really treated. Start paying attention to just how difficult it can be to live in this country if your skin is not white. And stop saying you're blind to color...because you're not. Monochromacy excluded.
unless you're, ya know, color blind lol. but in all seriousness, I like your point.
Yes, monochromacy excluded. lol Thank you.
Racism wont die because people wont let it die already.
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Thats what I originally meant to say anyways. Sometimes its a bit harder to get what you wanna day across you know?