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So I've finished the game... and I gotta say I love Saeyoung the most. That poor baby being so misguided by the two people he trusted the most when he was younger.
ALSO ABOUT THAT B RIKA?!? I wanted to slap the hoe so much e...e wasn't even FUNNY. What she did to V and Saeran was messed up! Also I knew...KNEW that betch wasn't gone e.....e she deserves what she got in the end. -takes Rika and throws her under a big ass Mack truck- because a bus is too nice e...e
I want to share more but I know some of you aren't completely done with the game soooo this is all I'm sharing lol
OMG OMG OMG I JUST FINISHED AND I'M DYING! I was on the verge of tears throughout all the Saeran episodes, poor dear! 😢 Can't say I was too surprised by the Rika thing, but I agree with @hskswife that I can sympathize a little... She was sick and twisted, and I think torturing V to test his love became a part of that, even though he tried to help her... I got worried when Yoosung was trying to take care of her and her eyes went all dark again... But yeah, Saeyoung totally takes the cake as my favorite, hands down, landslide! And that engagement party was just the most delicious cherry on top, though I wish he hadn't spoiled the surprise! I should probably shut up now cuz I could go on forever, so I'll probably post my own reflection card at some point! I still have a few photos and a small handful of guests to unlock, plus I have this whole new perspective now that I know the truth, so I'm not done playing for good, but damn, this game is so good! >_<
I know I just finished this but... I miss it already lol xD I guess you just get used to something when you've played it and put so much effort into for so long~ It was a really good game~
setting this aside for later!
Feel free too~ I didn't want to share too much because I know some people aren't done lol
tbh i didnt hate rika she had a disease and unfortunately she handled in the worst ways possible:/
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no yeah i understand but sometimes i felt like she was just coping and her dogs death made it worse. her coping methods weren't enough anymore and it twisted her views in life in general
Oml I fucking hate Rika 😒
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