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The walk out of the venue was cold and the wind hit my face like a brick. Taehyung had left with Rosanna before we did and I was forced to say goodbye to the same Mr.Park that I met a few hours ago. Namjoon and I walked in silence and my heels clicked against the pavement, the sound echoing through both of our ears and the stillness of the night was slightly irritating. "Here." Namjoon suddenly said, probably just as annoyed by the silence as I was and held out something. I looked at what he was holding and immediately grabbed it. It was my mothers ring. So he kept his promise... I was relevantly shocked at first that he had kept his promise and smiled to myself as I put it on my finger. "Oh, here." I took off the other ring and gave it back to him. Namjoon casually grabbed it and put it on his finger. Once again silence over took us. Now that our deal was done there was no reason for us to talk about something and I was relived. I didn't want to talk to him anyway. He was a terrible friend and an ass. When we arrived home I immediately went into my room and changed back into my regular clothes, well Taehyung's clothes to be exact, since I didn't have anything else. I felt relief over take my feet as I finally took off those death traps of shoes and actually breathed normally for once since I put on that tight dress. I flopped on the bed,tired, and closed my eyes. I didn't know if I was actually welcome to stay another night, but I didn't hear any objections from Namjoon when we came in. He looked just as tired as I was and went straight to his room too. I felt the sheets on the bed and opened my eyes to look up at the ceiling. It was dark in my room, so basically I was looking at complete darkness all except for the moon's light creeping through the window curtains that had been closed when I came in. The moon. Crap I forgot I thought, slapping my forehead. It had been five weeks already, so that meant only one thing, a full moon was coming. By that time I had hoped I would of been deep in the woods so no one would see me , but now I'm caught up with this shit between Namjoon and Taehyung, only Taehyung doesn't know there's actually tension between them. Idiot. Just thinking about it gives me a headache. It's so obvious even a rock could see the tension and a rock doesn't have eyes. If Namjoon imprinted on her, then it becomes a problem of wolf law. I get that it's not something we can control, but he needs to tell him, or it will become a problem. What if Taehyung wants to marry her? I closed my eyes tightly and moved my hand to pinch the bridge of my nose, not wanting to think of the multiple problems that could arise from this. Ok, first things first I have to go to a stupid basketball game. Second get Taehyung alone. If Namjoon wasn't going to tell him then I will, and third, get out of there before the full moon. None of them know I'm a werewolf except Namjoon and I don't want to deal with another crisis right now. It wasn't like I had anything else going on with my life at the moment, but I certainly didn't think I was going to deal with these kind of problems. Maybe after this I'll actually get a job and earn money so I can really live. Ha, wouldn't that be something. I'm tired of wearing the same clothes and doing absolutely nothing every day. I'm a good solid week journey away from my brothers pack so if someone found me I would have a week to get away. I laughed humorlessly and shifted the covers over me and got comfortable. This blanket is so comfortable..... My thoughts were quickly interrupted by the softness of the bed and I turned again, feeling the soft material rushed against my skin. - The smell of bacon woke me up at about ten in the morning, which only meant I had gotten nine hours of sleep. I was still tired and my feet were sore from walking around the room for hours, not mentioning dancing that one time. I groggily got out of bed glad that Namjoon wasn't standing in my room this time and opened the door. I heard a sizzling sound and immediately walked in the direction of the kitchen. I casually mumbled a random word, probably something about bacon, as I walked in still half asleep. Namjoon didn't pay any attention to me and set a plate on the table. "Hurry up. We're leaving in thirty minutes." He said, walking past me and into his room, only to emerge thirty seconds later with nothing. "What's with people and doing things in the morning? I'm still tired." I yawned loudly and grabbed a piece of bacon. "It's ten in the morning already. How long were you planning on sleeping?" He asked, looking through the shoes in the front of the house. I suddenly realized he was looking for something. "What are looking for?" I asked, half actually caring about his answer as I ate my breakfast. "My shoes." He replied simple, continuing to look around. "What do they look like?" I asked. "Black." Really descriptive I thought, rolling my eyes harshly. I started to look around anyway from where I was sitting and spotted them almost immediately. Idiot "They're by your chair. Right in front of your eyes." I commented, gesturing my head in the direction where they were resting on the foot of the wooden chair. Namjoon jerked his head in the direction of the chair he must of been sitting in before I came out and I saw him mentally slap himself for being so forgetful. "Thanks." He said, walking over and slipping them on. "Ya no problem." It was way to cold outside to play in the outdoors, being that it was December and all, so we had to play basketball at a local gym. I was dressed in some shorts Namjoon gave me for the day and I was wearing the same shirt from Taehyung. Great.... Thanks Namjoon. I thought sarcastically. At least Taehyung gave me a full outfit. I smiled, almost like I was laughing at my thought and looked over at Namjoon, he was texting and by the way he was staring at his phone he wasn't happy. "How the hell am I supposed to do that" I heard him mumble angrily and shut off his phone. "Work?" I asked. Namjoon looked taken back and peered at me from the side quickly. "You heard that?" He asked, frowning even more if that was even possible. "Well, when you talk out loud and next to a werewolf it's kind of hard not too." I say sarcastically. We entered the building and walked into the gym where we saw Taehyung, Rosanna and some other guys warming up. I couldn't help but laugh a little at the sight of Taehyung. He was wearing a thick Nike headband that pushed back his bangs completely away from his face and the extra hair on top was tied back with a hair tie, completely sticking up from the top of his head. It looks cute I thought, cupping my hand over my mouth to keep from making noise as I laughed again. I quickly composed myself before we got to where they were and looked at the rest of the guys here with Taehyung and Rosanna. "Let's play three on three." One of them said almost immediately. "Taehyung and Namjoon can be captains." I just nodded along, since I'm new to this social thing. Back in my pack I never had real friends. My dad was afraid that if I got to close to someone I would disclose our little family secret, so he planned, when I was younger, a playmate with another wolf kid. We would stay in one room with a body guard at the door. It really wasn't fun to be honest. I ended up just spending the days just laying around and learning from books and the special teachers my dad paid. One time though when I was fourteen I snuck out of the house to attend a yearly moon celebration. I would always hear the noises of the people from my room previous years and always wondered what it would be like. -9 yeas ago- I tucked a strand of my long hair back behind my ear nervous as I swiftly maneuvered around sticks and stones on the ground. It was pitch black where I was standing all except for the light of the bonfire radiating around the corner. I clutched the mask in my hand that would cover my eyes enough that the fire wouldn't activate my werewolf traits and quickly tied it around my head. This is the only time you can be around fire. Don't you want to see what it looks like? Now or never Giala. Come on, you can do it! I nervously took a step forward, taking my first step towards the light, but stopped abruptly as I heard the sound of people coming. I retreated behind a nearby tree and cautiously peered to see if it was the guards looking for me. My dad new full well that I wanted to attend the party, but didn't even consider it when I asked this morning. Of coarse my brother was allowed to go and I was left with another dull night. The whispers eventually settled down off in the distance and I breathed a sigh of relief. It sounded like they were just normal villagers off in the distance. "Hey you what are you doing behind this tree?" I jumped at the sudden voice and turned my head frantically to see if I had been caught. However, instead of a body guard stood a boy about my age. I blinked a few times and took a closer look at him. "Who are you?" I asked suspiciously. He was wearing the same mask as me so I couldn't see his eyes, and the darkness wasn't contributing much to my sight. However, by the way he was wondering around the part of the town that was completely dark, meant he wasn't from the village. This was the alpha's personal territory, which meant that you had to be invited to set foot on the land. "The name's V in my pack, so you can call me that." He smiled brightly, not catching the suspicious tone in my words. Is this guy an idiot? Does he know where he is? "V? What kind of name is that?" I asked, raising an eyebrow as I looked around, wondering if he came with anyone else. The boy just shrugged his shoulders. "It's the nickname my friend gave me." "Ah huh...." I mumbled, looking around again. This is way to suspicious. What if this is trap. What if he's from the neighborhood pack a few miles away that always causes trouble and he's here to kidnap me? I took a step back, hitting the tree with my back. My hands brushed up against the rough texture of the bark as I looked for an opening to escape. This is what I get for trying to have fun isn't it? I cursed myself . "What are you doing?" V asked, stepping a little closer, raising his hand slightly. "Stay back!" I yelled, just loud enough for him to hear. "You're really weird you know that?" He said, stuffing his hands in his black pant pockets. "How so?" "You think I'm going to hurt you or something." He said laughing slightly and looking in the direction of the fire. "I only came for the party. They're so much better than ours. All we do it sit around the fire and tell historical stories. It so Boooorrriinnggg."  I couldn't help but laugh at how he emphasized the word boring and I saw him smile at me. "So you can smile, interesting!" He laughed. "I smile all the time for your information." I cut, frowning again. "Doubt it. By the way you're hiding behind a tree I don't think you socialize much." V joked. "I socialize all the time." I lied. "Sure, sure." V began to rocked back and forth on his feet, which kind of annoyed me. "You're not even from this village so how would you know?" I said, anger clearly rising in my voice. "How would you know? You don't socialize." He laughed again. Was everything a joke to this kid? I was about to punch the guy in his face when I heard rustling from the bush near by. I stopped what I was doing and frantically hid behind the tree again. "Yo, V why did you go running off?" I heard another guy say, the rustling stopping as he walked out. I peaked slightly behind the tree and saw that another person was with V. "Sorry, I saw some girl and went running." V laughed again and ruffled his hair in embarrassment. "What girl? I don't see one." The guy said, looking around. V looked at the tree. "Hey, come out. It's just friend." I sighed quietly and moved. "I knew that." I said, looking away. "Sure you did." V said, rolling his eyes. "who's this?" The other guy asked, eyeing me down. V opened his mouth to say something, but closed it immediately. "What is your name?" He asked, looking at me. "It-" think of something quick. Damn it, if they found out who I am they would up and tell my dad. "G" I said, playing with the one letter name. V burst out laughing. "I see what you did there." I awkwardly laughed along with him, and I did something I didn't even know was possible. I blushed for some reason. "Uh huh." I mumbled embarrassed. "No offense, but are we just going to stand here and talk or are we going to join the party?" The guy next to him said, getting more perplexed by the moment he was standing here. "Fine fine, let's go." V said walking off. I just stood there, watching them walk away. "Hey, you coming G?" V asked when he realized I wasn't with them. They're inviting me? "You're inviting me?" I asked. V looked back at his friend and came running back to me. "No one is going to tell who you are if your concerned about it. The mask hides your face." "I know, but I've never had someone invite me somewhere." V frowned and shifted on his feet. "Well, we're inviting you now, so come on." He urged. "Ok." I mumbled, confused. V smiled and started to run off back to his friend. I looked at him for a second as he ram and followed him. Ok Giala don't mess this up to get actual friends! "This is RM by the way." V quickly nodded his head toward the taller guy as I came up. ----- "Hey Giala did you hear me?" Taehyung asked, his head tilted to one side. I shook my head, bringing my mind out of the memory and looked at him standing a few feet away from me with a basketball in his hands. "Uh, no sorry." I mumbled, scratching my head twice in embarrassment. "It's fine. I picked you. So come over here." Taehyung gestured with his head and looked over to where Namjoon was standing with Rosanna. It was like he was trying to get Namjoon jealous. Real smooth Namjoon. Way to be obvious..... There was one other guy standing with us and he immediately turned to me. I saw that his bangs rested on the bottom of his eyebrows and his dark brown hair wasn't pulled back like Taehyung's. He was wearing a plain black shirt that made broad shoulders stand out and white and black shorts. He smiled down at me "I'm Jin." I nodded in response. "Giala." I couldn't help but look back at Namjoon again to make sure he wasn't doing anything stupid. Jin saw me staring and laughed a little, throwing his hands into his pockets casually. "You jealous?" He asked, smirking. "No." I responded simply, making sure he got it the message that I didn't want to talk about Namjoon. Jin shut up after that and moved onto a different topic. "The other guy on the team is Hoseok by the way." He said "Ok." I said. Taehyung turned to us from the side, obviously hearing our whole conversation and decided to interject. "And you'll be guarding him." He said, smiling, throwing the ball into Jin's arms. Jin caught it swiftly and bounced it a few times, the sound echoing in the room before he threw it back. "Who am I guarding?" I asked. "Namjoon. He's pretty aggressive when it comes to sports so be careful." "Oh, I've never played basketball before so that's perfect." I said sarcastically, rolling my eyes. "Never played basketball before?" Jin asked, raising his eyebrows. "Oh, um ya, where I lived I wasn't allowed to play sports." I said. "My dad didn't like me interacting with kids." "Seriously?" Jin said raising his eyebrows again in suspicion as I looked at him like it was totally normal. It took me a few seconds to register what I had said. Shit. I just said what I was thinking because I was just thinking about V. How the hell am I supposed to explain this. "My dad was really strict with school and stuff so he never let we leave the house." I said, coming up with a lie on the spot. I saw Jin's face soften as he took in my lie and I nervously looked at Taehyung to see if he had bought it too. He hadn't said anything for a few minutes so I was worried. "That really sucks." Taehyung laughed, but anyone could tell he didn't find it funny. "Hey! We going to start or not!" Namjoon yelled across the court, where him, Rosanna and Hoseok were standing. "Ya!" Taehyung yelled back, clasping the ball in his hand. "Ready!" He asked, looking at the both of us. "Sure." I said, while Jin just nodded. The six of us spread out and I walked over to where Namjoon was standings and I watched as Taehyung passed the ball in. It was forty-five minutes into the game when I started to sweat pretty hard.  The score was 30-28 and everyone was to immersed into the match to even suggest a break. Taehyung suddenly passed the ball to me and I quickly caught it, starting to dribble back and forth trying to find an opening past Namjoon. I looked frantically for either Jin or Taehyung to be open, but they were both guarded now. Namjoon suddenly reached out a hand to grab the ball, but I turned my back to him. I pushed my back against him, trying to get him to move back. "I'm open!" I suddenly heard Jin yell. I looked up and saw him running towards me, with Hoseok close behind. I turned to pass, but Namjoon swiftly elbowed me in the side, sending me falling to the ground. I landed hard on my arm and pain rushed through my body. "Namjoon!." Taehyung said, coming over to me. I sat up and rubbed my arm. "What the hell. That's the forth time you've sent me flying." I said, glaring at him. It's like he's trying to get me hurt. "Sorry, are you ok?" Namjoon asked. "My arm feels like it's going to break, but ya, I'm fine." Taehyung helped me up and gave me the ball. "You can start with the ball." Taehyung said "Ok." I nodded and bounced it once as Namjoon came to guard me again Fifteen minutes later is when I finally heard my arm break. It was when I was going for a layup and Namjoon had gone running into me, sending into the pavement, making me land on my elbow. "DAMN IT, IT HURTS!" I seethed as I laid down on the ground  Taehyung, Jin and Rosanna came running towards me. "I'm so sorry! I didn't mean too." Namjoon said  sympathy written all over his face as he kneeled down. "Let me help you up." "Get the hell away from me!" I yelled. Taehyung kneeled down and put a hand on Namjoon's shoulder. "Let me." Namjoon nodded and stood back up as Taehyung carefully wrapped his arms around me and lifted me up. "Are you ok?" He asked. "I'm super." I said sarcastically. My arm hurt like hell and I didn't know what to do with my hands so I clunched the one that wasn't broken. "You know what I mean." He mumbled. I sighed. "Ya I'm fine." Taehyung, and Namjoon took me to a hospital, and since Rosanna and Jin had other plans, they didn't come. The doctor gave me a cast and told me it would take a while for it to heal and to rest up as much as I could. I knew otherwise however that with the full moon coming tomorrow night that it would heal my injury. It was one of the better werewolf trait perks. I had seen some of the other werewolves from the pack go through it when they would come wondering into our land. "Got it." I mumbled and got off the examining table. When I walked back into the lobby I saw Namjoon and Taehyung talking to one another. "Why can't you take her? She's your girlfriend." I heard Taehyung whisper. "I told you I have an urgent meeting. I'll only be gone for a week. She doesn't have anyone to live with" Namjoon argued. "What about her parents?" Taehyung asked. "Died." Taehyung ruffled his hair and sighed. "Come on. Nothing is going to happen." Namjoon said.  Taehyung looked at me coming from the corner of his eye and leaned in, whispering something I couldn't hear into Namjoon's ear "Nothing is going to happen Taehyung." Namjoon said after, leaning back. "You don't know that." Taehyung said, frowning as he crossed his arms. "I can have Hoseok check up on her before the full moon." Namjoon suggested. Taehyung sighed again, thinking for a few seconds. "Fine." Taehyung finally agreed and uncrossed his arms as I walked up. "What are you guys talking about?" I asked. "You're going to stay at Taehyung's until your arm heals" Namjoon said. I looked at Taehyung,raising my eyebrows and saw him hesitantly nod in agreement. "Don't I get a say in this?" I said. "Why can't I stay at your place alone?" Namjoon sighed, like he was annoyed he had to explain it to me. "Taehyung go get he car. I have to talk to Giala for a minute." Taehyung nodded like he understood what we were going to talk about and left. "You know the full moon is coming up right?" Namjoon said, turning to me after he was gone. I just shrugged. "And? If I'm alone no one will find out." "You idiot. Do you know what happens to a wolf that's seriously hurt during a full moon?" I shrugged again. "No, but in the day time I saw some of the other wolves in my pack go through it" "Good, so you know starting tomorrow night you'll be in a frenzy, even before the moon rises. You won't remember what your doing because the moon will be healing your arm, and because of that you won't have control of yourself. That includes your transformation." "How the hell do I not have control of my transformation?" I asked. I never saw the people not transform.....Maybe that was because I was trapped in my room for the whole duration of the night so I wouldn't know if people walked past. I usually just go to sleep. "The moon has to heal your human bone, not your wolf bone. I've had this happen to me before so I know what I'm talking about. So just do what I say and stay with Taehyung. You won't be transforming so he won't find out." I sighed and smoothed down my hair. "Fine. I'll stay with him." "Good. Taehyung's waiting for you outside now I think. I have to get going so I can make it to my meeting on time." "Ok, whatever." With that I walked out of the hospital and opened the door to Taehyung's car that had just pulled up. As I slide into the seat I suddenly remembered that I had forgotten to tell Taehyung about Namjoon while we were playing basketball. I smiled to myself, realizing that there was an upside to my situation. "Hey Taehyung?" I asked, buckling my seatbelt. I heard the roar of the engine ignite underneath my feet as Taehyung started the car. "What?" He asked. "I need to tell you something, but I don't know if you'll believe me." I said, looking at him. "Is it important?" He asked, eyeing me from the corner of his eye, as he simultaneously watched the road, pulling out of the hospital. "Ya." "Then tell me." He said.
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Oh boy, will she tell him?! Why is Namjoon being such a douche geezz?! Can't wait for the next update!