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What's up guys! Boys Republic and NCT has this Christmas challenge that both communities are participating in. I missed the first few days but i'm going to catch up in this card!

Day 1: Boys Republic Bias?

I'm still fairly new to this group but I would have to say my bias so far is Minsu! He just spoke to me xD idk. I also love his parts in "Get Down"

Day 2: NCT U BIAS?!

Ok so I'm very active trash to this group on the otherhand xD I have many biases but the main in NCT U has to be Taeyong. He is just a lovable leader and he works so hard! Every since "7th sense" he's just caught my attention

Day 3: Do You Have Any Other Biases In NCT/Boys Republic

In Boys Republic, tbh I don't want to say cause I'm not that familiar with them.
However in NCT U, I also bias Doyoung(his vroom show was life xD) and Ten also. Also Taeil is an bias wrecker too. They're all too cute

Day 4: How Did You Discover Boys Republic/NCT U

I first found out about Boys Republic when I listened to their song "Get Down" and since then I've always admired then from afar but not really got into them(until now of course)
I found out about NCT U as soon as SM released the first teaser about them. Since then i've been immense trash(apparently a 40+ member didn't intimidate me)
And that's that! Make sure to participate in this challenge if you haven't already! Make sure to tag me and the NCT U squad in it!
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*let me know if you want to be tagged or not*
my bias for NCT is Taeyong. I kinda falling for Mark but i don't need to.
I knew there was a reason why Taeyong was my bias. I tend to fall for leaders 😁