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Day 4 How did you discover Boys Republic and NCT?
I discovered Boys Republic from their music video 'Get Down'. Its seems like I've been a fan for so long but its was just this year that they became my UB group. As soon as I found out about them, I joined their Community. Its really thanks to @QueenLee who help me discover them.
I discovered NCT when they were debutting. I didn't really pay them any attention when their teasers came out. It was different when their new music video came out. That's how I discovered NCT.
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@awkwardjazzy Have your feelings changed towards NCT? Do you enjoy Boys Republic?
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@awkwardjazzy great! I'll add you on 😊
And I noticed boys republic at the end of last year on let's go dream team
To be honest I've known nct since their rookie days but I was so upset at SM for their problems with EXO so I told myself to hate the group because if I loved them I would be hurt when SM decided that it was time for that member to go. So I didn't really get into them until August of this year but my friend and I had conversations about how Mich I didn't want to get into them since the middle of 2014 I yeah
hey we're new fans together this awesome Get down was my first bots republic m/v too
@BabydollBre Wow! That's awesome! let's continue to fangirl over these boys together πŸ˜†