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Honestly, this is one of the best episodes of Naruto I've seen in a while. Don't get me wrong - the final episodes were great, but anything other than that has lacked it's potential I feel; especially with all of the 'filler'. So it was refreshing to watch such an interesting idea take place. I'm excited to watch more! I was extremely sad when the episode ended.
I love how much all the characters have grown. Especially the kind of people they've become.
Sakura really needs to fucking stop punching Naruto though. Like damn girl, I love you but you need to CHILL.
They should make the final episode of shippuden where they show Kakashi when he becomes hokage
I like that we were able to get more of sasuke because I feel like we didn't get enough of him through most of shippuden but I wanted to see him spend time in konoha with Naruto and Sakura as well as Kakashi