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Wassup guys!!! Kim here bringing another chapter!!!! Oh, you thought this was a one shot????? WRONG!!!!! I don't know where this story will take me so I hope you all strap up and enjoy the ride!!!!!!

You couldn't erase the images that were now implanted in your brain. Tears were now flowing freely down your face and you didn't care who saw. You didn't turn around when you hear your boyfriend, or ex boyfriend calling out to you. All you wanted to do is get away from this place, this madness, but more importantly, you wanted to get away from your former love. Once you reached the doors to the stairwell, you felt a hand grab your wrist.

You instantly turned around and withdrew your wrist from Jay's grasp. If looks could kill, he would have been dead the second you looked at him. I'm so sorry, babe. I didn't think........ Didn't think what? That I wouldn't find out??? How could you? Five years!!!! Five years I gave you my all and this is how you do me?????? I thought we were happy together. How long has this been going on???? What changed????

Your former love could only look down at his feet when you asked that question. You don't know he replied or not. You felt your heart shattered into millions of pieces. You gave him one last look and fled out of the building and out of his life.

You rush out of the building and into your car. After locking the doors, everything you were holding in finally came out. You screamed and hit your steering wheel as your heart poured out of you. You knew you had to get away from there fast before he sees you and tries to stop you again. You pull yourself together in order to drive and floored it out of there to the hotel that you were staying at.
Alright, I know this chapter is a little short. I did had a hard time writing this one. I hope this is just as good as the first one!!!!!

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OMG what an ass!
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Sure!!!!! 😏😏😏😏😏😏
Niiiice! I would cry like that too, after I'd sock him in the jaw
I thought it was a one shot I'm so excited now.
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I know right
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