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Sorry I know I should be uploading these daily as the moderator and all but I was in a tournament this weekend and got really busy because of it :( however I should be able to upload daily now that that's outta the way :)

Day 3 Favorite Lieutenant: Renji Abari

As funny as it is to point out the faults of Frenji (free BBS 5 star character) I genuinely liked Renji as a character overall. He's the only lieutenant that actually feels like they earned their damn seat, well then there's Shuhei but besides him Renji shows constantly his drive to win and determination to get better. Shuhei doesn't fight much so it's hard to gauge but Renji definitely earned his position in SPADES being the first Lieutenant to show he had and was capable of using Bankai Renji, putting himself on the front lines and clever banter with any body he talked to Byakuya included Renji definitely makes the perfect Lieutenant for me.
Day 4 Favorite Captain: Shunsui Kyoraku Without a doubt my favorite captain is Shunsui Kyoraku! When I first learned of him I felt like he was a lot like myself. "Brilliant but lazy" Kyoraku is a strong captain with fierce and outright scary abilities but he's incredibly lazy, often to slack off and get drunk before he'd do some paperwork and I gravitated towards this a simple you can really do it if you try with little effort but you'd be bored after kinda vibe. His character design is cool sporting a pink and flowered kimono on top of his captains uniform and his straw hat YO! and he has a beautiful intimate relationship with his Zanpakuto it's wonderful just to see them interact with each other.
Well that was my card on days 3&4 do any of you have a favorite lieutenant or captain, both? Go ahead and make a card and let everyone know :) or leave a comment. Tagging @AdamDean @Zeenyte Thanks for reading
@Zeenyte my fave captain is byakuya. captain of the six division. My fav lieutenant is would either be izuru or rangiku. rangiku becuz she gots alot of "personality " if catch my drift haha. but seriously she kind care free but still not to be messed with. she held her own agaisnt three lieutenant level espada.. izuru i feel like he get the most screen time then all the other lieutenant minus maybe like rukia and renji. i feel like hes really strong and his chant and sword and himself design is awsome i feel like he could beat alot of the lieutenants pre- blood war arc. everybody but IBA Hes the strongest character in the series so strong his bankai and shikai blinded the viewers from all his GREATNESS
My favorite captain is Kurotsuchi, just cause he was by far the least orderly of all the Captains. I kinda got the feeling that any real sense of personality died with entering the Soul Society, but boy did he prove me wrong, plus he has ties to my favorite overall character, Uryu so that's a boost.
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I'm not understanding what you're trying to get across here but thanks for commenting:)
firstly can u up load the 30 days of bleach on to everypost so we wont bave to keep going back any ways.
Done and your right I'll be sure to add it to future post