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Republican leaders will include in a stopgap spending measure a provision that would defund President Barack Obama’s health-care law. The measure would expire Dec. 15 while defunding the health law would permanently end discretionary and mandatory spending, Republican Representatives John Fleming of Louisiana and Tom Cole of Oklahoma said today after a party meeting at the Capitol. The House could vote on Sept. 20 followed next week by a vote on raising the nation’s debt limit, they said. The House will take up a spending plan that could pass with 218 Republican votes, setting up a clash with the Democratic-led Senate and the White House that puts the federal government at risk of a shutdown. In anticipation, the Obama administration is urging agencies to prepare as the president today told business executives Republicans are holding the budget hostage as part of an “ideological fight.” Congress hasn’t passed a budget for the year starting Oct. 1. If the White House and lawmakers can’t agree on stopgap funding, most, though not all, operations would come to a halt.
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