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Summary: Given the chance to save the man you love. Missed the beginning? C L I C K H E R E Missed the last chapter? C L I C K H E R E Here is the next and final chapter! C L I C K H E R E
You looked around when you heard Hoseok shuffling around the room. "That Jimin he found this place." You tilted your head,"Jimin did?" Hoseok then took the cuff off of you and roughly grabbed you by the arm. "How did he know?!" You flinched. You were scared of Hoseok he wasn't the gentle Hoseok you knew. His eyes was full of malicious intent. You knew that he was not bluffing when he said he'll kill you. But then again Hoseok has killed before. But you wanted to believe just for a second that Hoseok can still change but maybe after all this there is no going back. "Hoseok...please just surrender..." "Surrender? and what? STAND BY WHILE YOU MARRY SOMEONE ELSE?" His sudden shouting made you scream. "Enough Hoseok...please!" "You-You're mine!" Before you knew it Jimin and Jungkook came barging in. "J-Jimin! Jungkook!" You screamed. Hoseok then wrapped his arm around you as he took the gun from his holster and placed the gun against your head. You saw the fear in Jimin's eyes and the panic in Jungkook's. "Hoseok? It was you? I-I don't... you were...but you..." Jungkook looked at Hoseok disgruntled, "You lied to us!" "Jungkook that doesn't matter right now. Hoseok you promised that if we find her within the time limit you'd give her to us." Hoseok then scoffed at Jimin's remark,"Are you stupid? I gave you a chance to catch me I never said that I will just give her to you." Jimin pointed his gun towards Hoseok. But Hoseok retaliated by holding you closer. "Go ahead Jimin shoot but are you confident you won't hit Y/N?" Jimin clicked his tongue,"It's fine Jimin please shoot! I'll be fine!" "No Y/N...I failed once already I have to get this right." "Failed once?" Jimin looked at you almost as if he said something he shouldn't have. "When I left you alone these past 2 months...it was a mistake." You looked at him not completely satisfied with his answer but you knew this wasn't the time for this. Hoseok then dragged you outside. You then realized you were at the old house that you, Hoseok, Jungkook, Taehyung and Namjoon played in. "I remember this place...We were always so happy here..." Hoseok scoffed,"Just shut up." You heard Jimin and Jungkook's footsteps following you. "Hoseok let's stop now please...Maybe...maybe we can go back to how things were." He shook his head roughly. "I have already killed there is no going back." "But you can...please...just quietly surrender..." Hoseok then pulled you in for a hug. But out of nowhere a gunshot was heard and you covered your ears as you screamed. Hoseok had let go of you pushing you into Jimin's arms. You continued to stare at Hoseok. Still unsure of what had just happened. "Y/N! Are you okay are you hurt?"Snapping you back into focus you nodded your head,"I'm fine." "Namjoon! I'm glad you got here in time." You looked at Jungkook and at Namjoon then back at Hoseok. You noticed there was blood on the ground next to Hoseok. "Hoseok!!" You ran up to him and you placed his head on your lap."Wake up...please." From a distance you heard the ambulance as everything around you had begun spinning and then everything went black.

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