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omg oppa is sooo sexy ♥:-*;-)♥:-*
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@dramacrazy u shd definitely go 2 one of the shooting sights u r soo close 2 oppa u r in LA California gooo don't miss out on our handsome cute sexy caring and soo loving lmh oppa ;-)♥;-)♥
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oh, I so wish I could. do you want my family to divorce me? besides, I don't have time. Since my daughter plays volleyball, we don't get home until 6:05/6:10pm I get home tired and hungry ( I get up at5:00 am so it's a long day for me).@saharjalpari9
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ohhh divorece is it dat serious :-0 @dramacrazy i just thought u are missing out once in a lifetime chance u don't even have time 2 go 4 a while lols its k family time always comes first i understand ;) <3 <3 <3 <3
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@dramacrazy much as we all see Minho as The Most Watchful Man...our loved ones & family always come first. Not 2 worry, surely our fans around be most happy to get some good shots at Minho, right? n @saharjalpari9 @mheekell can get some please? love ya
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