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Im beyong pissed someone would do this like this. Cant even use the bathroom in peace 😑😑 my poor baby Yugyeom. πŸ˜₯
The first picture tells what happened the second is the person who did it. Please report him!
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😀😑 reported him faster than the speed of light. I'm completely disgusted with these so called "fans". Yugyeom deserves the same privacy rights as any other human being, this doesn't change just because he's an idol.
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mofo about to catch these hands if I ever see him how dare he you disgusting fk
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right now I'm just trying to stay calm first the errors in MaMa and now this....so i tell myself breath in breath out. 😩😩😩😩😧😧😧 karma is a bitch...
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Its all wrong and bothering me. Although the mama thing isnt good. This is by far the worst
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what in the fuck?!
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my thoughts exactly.
a year ago
that's so terrible. 😬
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