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A/N: Thank you so much for all the support you have given this story :) I thank everyone who had read and supported this story till the end! I love you guys<3 Summary: Given the chance to save the man you love. Missed the beginning? C L I C K H E R E Missed the last chapter? C L I C K H E R E
J I M I N Jimin looked at the peaceful look on Y/N as she slept. "Jimin...she'll be fine. The doctor said she'll wake up." "It's been 2 weeks Tae...Even Hoseok had woken up. It's not fair! She...She deserves better than this." Jimin had sat down next to Y/N as tears streamed down his face. "She'll wake up soon. I just know it...Y/N...she's a strong girl." Jimin nodded in agreement. "You're right...but she's still human. And we have our weaknesses...I have so much to tell her. So much I never got to--" "Like what?" A gentle voice interrupted Jimin. "Like that I love her and the truth abou--" Jimin looked up at Y/N who gave him a gentle smile. Y / N You laughed as Jimin looked at you wide-eyed,"I love you to Park Jimin." He then put you in a tight embrace. "Y/N you're finally awake!" Taehyung said as he snuck up from behind Jimin. Jimin released you,"I'm glad you're fine I don't what will happen if I ever lost you." "Jimin I'm sorry but where is Hoseok?" Taehyung and Jimin looked down,"He's alive...but..." "But what?" "It's better to just show you." Taehyung had left the room,"Is he?" Jimin shook his head,"No Y/N he's alive..." You shook your head as you sat up Jimin rose from his seat to assist you. "What happened?" "It was the combination of shock and the amount of sleeping drugs in your system." You nodded slowly,"I'm sorry I worried you..." He smiled and shook his head,"I'm just glad you're awake I have so much to tell you." "Like?" "Like about Sung Kyung. She's not what you think...she's to me like Jin is to you." You opened your eyes wide,"You remember Jin?" You looked around. Is he back? Is he finally here again. You have so much to ask,"I never forgot...it was an act. No one will remember Sung Kyung except you and I..." You tilted your head,"What do you mean?" Jimin sighed,"It was me. When I died I prayed and wished so hard to be able to start over and meet you again. Then Sung Kyung appeared. She granted it to me under one condition I have to find the killer before exposing myself to you." "But you knew who he was the entire time right?" Jimin shook his head,"No...I only knew his initials but this timeline was different. He gave us all the hints and...and..." "Innocent people died..." You looked down clearly remembering Hani. "Now that everything is complete Jin and Sung Kyung won't be coming back..." You sighed heavily,"He was my brother..." Jimin looked up wide-eyed,"What?" "He died when I was young...but he...he was my older brother." Jimin then squeezed your hand,"I'm sorry..." You shook your head,"No at least I got to see him and be with him for even just a while. But I wish I enjoyed it more. Everytime I was with him it was always about the killer." Jimin smiled and before he can speak Taehyung came in with Hoseok being rolled in on a wheelchair. You gasped covering your mouth,"Wh-What happened?" "When Namjoon shot him it hit his spinal cord...Hoseok will never be able to walk again." You cried as Hoseok and Taehyung got closer,"Ho-Hoseok..." Hoseok then started to cry,"Why? Don't pity me I tried to kill you! I killed people around you! You should despise me!" You shook your head,"But none of it was your fault. It was society that brought you to do those things.You pushed me out of the way when you heard the gunshot, Hoseok...you never wanted to hurt me ...so I don't bla--" Before you can finish some guards had barged in,"Sorry Miss...we have to take him...we've extended long enough for him..." "Take him where?" "Prison." You looked down,"But it wasn't--" "It's fine...I have to pay for what I did..." Hoseok said as he was being rolled out of the room. But then he stopped,"I love you Y/N...and I'm sorry.." Everything was silent when Hoseok left before you knew it tears was coming out of your eyes. And silent cries filled the room. "Y/N..." Jimin said before placing you in his arms. ----------- 6 MONTHS LATER "Y/N! Are you ready yet?" Your father screamed from the other side of the door. "Almost!" You then looked in the mirror one last time then at the picture of Jin and your mom. "Thank you..." Before you knew it a ringing in your head started again. You immediately looked outside and saw that everything had been put to halt the birds the leaves falling. Then you turned around and right there standing in front of you was Jin and a beautiful woman. You ran up to them and hugged them. "Mother...Jin..." Jin laughed and patted your head,"Hey don't do that doing my hair took forever." Jin laughed,"Ah...sorry we came to congratulate you Y/N..." You gave them both a big smile and you bowed,"Thank you very much." Your mother then placed her hand on your face, "You've grown to be such a beautiful young woman..." "Who else would I get it from but you." She laughed,"And you get that habit of flattering from your father." The three of you laughed as they said their goodbyes. "I'm happy for you...sorry I couldn't convince them." And before you could answer him they were gone and your father was knocking on the door. You then came out,"I'm ready let's go." He smiled as he took your arm and wrapped it around his and walked you to the garden. The guards then opened up the door and there he was, Park Jimin, at the end of the red carpet right underneath the flower arch wearing a white suit with a black bow tie. Everyone smiled as you walked down the aisle with your father and you looked to your right and there you saw Jungkook, Yoongi, and Taehyung and to the left was Namjoon and Hoseok. You smiled at them as Jimin took your hand from your father and led you to the officiator. A couple minutes pass and the officiator smiles,"Do you Park Jimin take, Kim Y/N, as your legally wedded wife?" Park Jimin looked deep into your eyes and whispered,"I've waited so long for this." You smiled as he said loud enough for everyone to hear,"I do." "Do you Kim Y/N take Park Jimin as your legally wedded husband?" You smiled and shook your head,"I do." "You may now kiss the bride," Jimin smiled as he grabbed you by the waist pulling you closer, removing the veil and kissed you passionately. "And I've been waiting for this." You said as you laughed and whispered to him. "I love you and only you Park Jimin."

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