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The Leaders as Dogs

Spark - "Hahahaha! Noire is a tiny exploded cloud!" Blanche - "Obviously Spark is a golden retriever, I mean, look at him." Noire - "Blanche...why am I a pom, and you're a samoyed?? We're twins, why aren't we the same kind of dog???" Candela - "Blanche, this thing looks like a mini sheep explosion..." Noire - "BLANCHE! ARE YOU LISTENING TO ME!!!" Blanche - "I think it's cute Noire." Noire - "Oh...ok. Pomeranian is fine."

Before the fake wedding,

At the fake wedding.

Blanche - "You didn't have to actually wear the lingerie Noire..." Noire - "Go big or go home, Blanche." Spark - "What!! You're wearing what Noire?!" Noire - "Nothing Spark. Please leave."

Holiday Sweaters

Dorks on camera

Ordering pizza... is pretty serious...

All art by Surfacage💛