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This is my confession to Got7 in the form of a poem
Your divine has left me speechless.
Your lyrics impel me to the soul
I love the beat you have for I can dance to that beautiful rhythm.
You make me relax in any situation.
I would die if there' no more of you. (or music in general)
Those notes of your got to my ears.
For that's how I discovered you
And it forgets my fears
Music is a sound of life
its the sound that calls everyone to be as one,
music lets out all the emotions you have and clears your systems and to make you have fun and dance
Music is the key to let people what they want to do and enjoy it.
Like listening to your songs with out fear of judgement
Its where they get lost in and take the weight off of you.
You have harmony with each other creating a piece of art
you balance your voice creating beautiful melodies
the lyrics you write that have meanings to you that you share for others to witness
the amount of practice you do in making the dance exciting for everyone to dance to
All the memories you have you share for the world to see
Being true as one can be
Got7 thank you for being you and not what others tell you to be
Younjae thank you for having such a powerful voice and being such a sweetheart
Jb thank you for being a leader to them and JJProject
Jinyoung thank you for being a mom to them and a savage at times
BamBam thank you for being funny and dabbing your butt off
Yugyeom thank you for dancing your butt off and killing me also YugBam
Jackson thank you for your excitement and loud self
Mark thank you for introducing me to markson
Thank you got7 for meeting you and your beautiful personalities.
IGOT7 Team: