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So I might be dead after writing this O//O I hope you enjoy ♡
"Are you sure you are going to be okay if I go help Mic out?” Yongguk oppa sighed hesitating at on the doorstep. “Silly, I’ll be fine! Now hurry Mic needs help.” I smiled brightly as he softly kissed my forehead before rushing out the door. “When was the last time the house was completely empty?” I questioned aloud unsure what to do with the free time I had be given. “Noona, why is it so quiet?” Daehyun mumbled walking out of his room rubbing his eyes. “Dae? I thought you were at Bren's?” I shrieked not expecting anyone to be here. “I missed you too much, plus I never get her attention anymore.” He smirked stepping closer. “So where is everyone?” He purred taking my hand into his own giving it a gentle squeeze. “Well Oppa went to Mic's, the Ikon boys are still upset so they haven't been coming by lately, and Kookie went to visit Yugyeom.” I stuttered at how close he had gotten as his smirk grew. “So it's just us?” He beamed as he brought his face inches away from mine. “D-daehyun... Aren't you hungry?!” I quickly muttered as heat rose to my cheeks. “You are too cute Noona.” He chuckled pulling back as I rushed into the kitchen as my heart raced. “Have I ever been alone with Daehyun before?” I questioned aloud searching for something to cook. “No, we haven't because Hyung is always glued to your side.” He sighed from the doorway making me jump hitting my head on the open cabinet. “Noona!” He yelled rushing over to my side. “Sorry you just looked so cute I couldn't let you out of my sight.” He smirked quickly checking to make sure I was okay. “I'm okay.” I smiled trying to hide my blush. Next thing I knew, I was in his arms as he carried me over to the couch. “I’ll cook before you get hurt again. You just sit here okay?” He smiled rushing back into the kitchen. 15 minutes later “Umm Noona. I hope ramen is okay?” He laughed nervously carrying two bowls out to where I was seated. “It's exactly what I wanted Daehyun.” I beamed watching his face light up at my words as we both silently enjoyed the food. “Thank you.” I smiled as he gather the dishes taking them back to the kitchen. “Hey Noona..” He smirked standing in the doorway. “Yes?” I questioned as his eyes danced playfully. “I’ve been thinking.” He cooed slowly making his way towards me. “About what?” I hummed looking back towards the show we had been watching. “Since we’re alone today, can I call you by your name instead?” He purred hovering over me as he pinned me to the couch. “I-if you want to..” I gasped at how close he had gotten. “Or do you like it when I call you Noona?” He cooed slyly as heat rose to my cheeks. “I see.” He chuckled sitting back on the couch pulling me in between his legs as he started to play with my hair. “What movie do you want to watch Noona?” He whispered next to my ear as goose bumps quickly danced across my skin. “Secretly Greatly!” I squeaked excitedly making him chuckle. “Slow down tiger let me put on the movie first.” He smirked as the movie started play while pulling me into his chest. His fingers traced all along my arms to my fingertips as if he was trying to remember every touch. “Ummm Daehyun?” I mumbled about half way into the movie as his fingers found themselves tangled in my hair. “Yes Noona?” He hummed focusing on his hands. “You aren't uncomfortable are you? I mean I'm not crushing you am I?” I muttered looking away as he scoffed. “Pabo don't talk about yourself like that!” He hissed wrapping his arms tightly around me. “Just having you next to me is the greatest feeling in the world.” He beamed softly kissing the back of my neck sending shivers down my spine. “I bet this is exactly why Hyung rarely leaves your side.” He purred against my neck as heat rushed to my face. “D-daehyun..” I gasped as he softly placed kisses from my neck down to my shoulder. “I might just have to steal his spot Noona.” He smirked pulling my face closer towards his own. “You can always try to take it Daehyun.” A voice echoed across the room forcing us to jump apart. “Not that you will ever take my place that is.” Yongguk smirked pulling me into his arms. “Looks like someone needs to be taught a lesson.” He slyly grinned placing his hand underneath my chin pulling my face towards his. “Just because Oppa isn't here doesn't mean Dae gets to play.” He cooed inched away from my now flushed face. “Do you need to be punished?” He chuckled as his lips stopped centimeters away from my own. “O-oppa..” I gasped unable to handle how close he was. “Sorry to cut your date short Daehyun, but I will be stealing the Princess now.” He laughed scooping me into his arms practically sprinting off towards his room. Seconds after we entered the room I was tossed onto his bed. “Now do you want to tell Oppa what happened while I was away?” He smirked slyly locking his door before turning to face me.
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😓😓😓😓😓😓😓 is it just me, or have your stories with byg and dae been getting....... touchy? my poor maknae eyes 😫
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ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh the cheese!!!! omg enjoying some popcorn...you're sooo in trouble!!! 😜😜😜😜😈😈😈
omg so good 😆😆😆 also plot twist I didn't actually need byg oppa I just wanted to cause mayhem on your list 😂😂😂😂😂
figured as much 😂😂😂😂😐😐😐😐 @MicMallow
My my my!!! I liked this!!!