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Que tal peeps!

I'm getting out this entry for the fanfiction contest. We haven't gotten any entries yet, but you all have time peeps! Where my mature writers at? Anywho, this is a one shot and it is part of a whole collection. This is collection 1: Namjoon. I have collection 2 already finished and working on collection 3. Each collection is with a member from BTS.




Finally the word was out about Namjoon and I dating. We have been under the radar for about 2 years. This year we would have been together for 3 years. He wanted to come out sooner about us, but I did not want to. I was so afraid of how media would swallow the fact that I was not Korean and plus size. For so many years like my whole life I struggled with my image. I was a girly girl and I knew how to dress and stay with the latest makeup tends. However, I still had issues with my weight. I have been on every diet known to man and even considered surgery. Plus I had to deal with being plus size and being a dancer. I was an awesome dancer, but my weight would overshadow my skills. I was shocked when Bighit offered me an internship there and later on hired me as the assistant choreographer for BTS. The company and the guys accepted me for who I was. My weight as never been an issue here. I was shocked when Namjoon confessed to me his feelings almost 3 years ago. He has helped me become more accepting of myself. I swear when I am with him I forget all my weight issues. Anyway, we were taking a break and someone caught us kissing. This picture went viral! SO many ARMY was pissed and some were happy. I will say this has been bitter sweet. Some ARMY has said that I helped them feel better about accepting who they are. They felt that they could not be loved since they were not the image of what a female should weigh or look like. While on the other hand I have been called pig—fat bitch—fat ass ugly bitch—and the list goes on. Recently, I have become very depressed and I had to take off of work. I could not even go to the MAMA to support my baby and the guys. I had to watch from the screen. I was so happy from them and I could feel Namjoon’s happiness through the screen as I watched him cry. After it all he called me and we talked for hours. After we hung up I began crying. Namjoon kept saying how he wished I was there with him. Even the guys could not understand why I did not go. It has been one day since Namjoon was back home. He came to check up on me and the gesture was nice. He has been super sweet. As I stood on the balcony in the chilly wind in my white tee and pink soft cotton shorts I had some many good memories of him and I. I loved my life at Bighit and people will always hate. What I need to do is remember to love myself. My family and friends love me and that is all that matters. I cannot fully love Namjoon which he deserves until I have happy with myself. I took the time to promise myself that all self-hate ended this day.
As I was deep into thought I felt these hands cup my full breasts and the heat from someone’s lips brushing against my skin. I bit my lips and inhale his scent. “Baby you been out here all afternoon. Are you okay?” Namjoon said in his deep voice. “Yes, I am fine baby.” I say Namjoon took in a deep breath and began kissing softly on my neck causing me to gasp. He began massaging my right breast. “Ah good—no bra.” He whispered Namjoon began pulling and rubbing on my nipple while sucking hard on all the places he kissed on my neck. I moaned trying not to be too loud. I could feel his hard on against my back. Namjoon turned me around so that I was facing him. He began sucking on my nipples through my white thin tee. I played with his hair as I moaned. He then spanked my butt. “Ah no panties either—baby you must have read my mind.” He groaned. He threw me on the patio sofa and be we began deeply kissing. I rubbed him through his jeans making him harder. I unbuttoned his jeans and slipped my hands down his pants. He was moist with precome just from teasing me. I began softly pulling on him and teasing his tip. He groaned as he lifted my shirt and began sucking on my bare harden nipples. I moaned loudly asking him to stop teasing me. Namjoon moved down to my shorts and pulled them off. He spread my legs wide and licked his lips. I shivered as my flesh was exposed to the cold air. “Ah baby let me warm you up.” Namjoon said while diving downward. He began sucking on my nub and using his thumb to play with my entrance. I began bitting my lip and holding back my moans. Namjoon slapped my inner thigh. “Don’t hold back or I will stop baby girl. Let them Know who is your Oppa.” He groaned. He began sucking harder and plunging two fingers deep inside me. I gasped as I screamed his name. He loved the sound and I could hear him moaning as he licked me from bottom to top. I could feel myself about to come but he stopped. I whined and he spanked me. I loved it when he spanked me. “I want you oppa in my mouth.” I moaned. “No. You did not go with me to the awards—you do not get what you want.” He said He bent me over and plunged inside me without mercy. I screamed as I felt my body expand. “Damn you are so tight.” Namjoon groaned. He was pounding me like crazy and slapping my ass. I loved the loud sounds of flesh slapping. I was so wet I could feel my inner thigh getting wet from my inner core dripping. Namjoon leaned and began talking dirty to me (going back and forth from English to Korean) as he fucked me hard from behind. Suddenly I heard him say that he loved me. I repeated that I loved him. He pushed my behind up higher and plunged deeper into me. I could feel myself coming as my insides pulled him deeper. My eyes rolled back as I came. As I was finished coming Namjoon began coming. “You said you wanted me in your mouth—open up.” He moaned I turned around and sucked him until he finished coming. I loved the way the mixture of me and him tasted. Namjoon began shaking as I sucked him hard after he came.
As we walked into the apartment there was food on the table. I was shocked, because Namjoon cannot cook to save his life. I guess while I was outside Namjoon had Jin come in a cook something quickly. I wanted to wash up before we ate since I was so sticky, but Namjoon insisted that I sit down. I sat down and then suddenly he got on his knees. I was thinking are we going for round two. “Namjoon—Oppa let’s clean up before—we” “Ah I love you (y/n). I could not see myself without ever. I want to be with you until the end baby girl. Would you be my one and only—would you marry me?” Namjoon said while shaking with a ring in his hand. I began crying so hard. I only dreamed of this day. Namjoon began looking worried. “Baby why are you—“ “Yes, Kim Namjoon I will marry you baby.” I yelled. He slipped the ring on my finger and kissed me deeply. Suddenly the whole BTS squad came out cheering with red cheeks. “Namjoon you are the man bro!” Hobi yelled. “Congratulations! You are our sister for real now!” Jin said. “Whoa how long have you all been here.” I say while blushing thinking about that Namjoon and I just literally finished loudly fucking. “Long enough to know you like getting spanked.” Yoongi said while smirking. “Kim Namjoon!” I yelled. “Ah yeah—the plan was to get you off the balcony and propose but you know nature kicked in.” Namjoon said while turning red. “Ah, Nona it’s not the first time we have heard you two fuck.” Jungkook said. “Kookie watch your mouth! OMG I am dying.” I yelled “Yeah actually, we have heard almost all the times you two have fucked.” Jimin said “Well, let’s just eat!” Jin said. “Ah Namjoon has already did that!” Tae said while laughing.
Ahhh I'm not even gonna lie, the thought of those lips... gonna go get the holy water and ask Jimin and Yoongi for forgiveness lol
@SunnaWalo well you might can enter it into our fanfiction contest! You have time!
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Oh okay!
Kinda want to post my fic from AFF but I feel weird about it being on Vingle for some reason lol