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You had me at Hello!! @nimm14 @DevilsSon @KurosakiJess @ChrisStephens @HunnaBallue Anime is Life!! One Piece is Love!!
thoughs to belong together
The son is actually so beautiful NAKAMA!! Bc after he sings would it be ok if I took your breathe away he does this super perfect slow but like omg real life taking breathe away exhale to fit the part making like an ahhhhhhh... fits so well, it truly makes the song n it fits this part and many others with OP. When your in those moments and all you can do is not talk or say thanks but just gasp and have your breathe taken away bc no word for the situation it's so perfect!! You had me @ hello by the band A day to Remember if you haven't heard of them or that song. All there stuff is beyond amazing but that song is a great acoustic romance song unlike any others!! Someday give it a listen NAKAMA