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No hood. . .
With hood. . .
Angles. . .
What I Used: So the makeup was done with black eye liner and lipstick along with white face creme Halloween makeup. Contacts are in to change the eye color! Fake blood and red lip gloss were used to make blood drips and mixed with the creme makeup for the corner of the face to look slightly burned but healed over time. A regular black cape was used. How: 1. Trace the bottom skull using pencil liner, open or closed mouth is up to you 2. Place creme makeup in areas needed, wait a little then use some black lipstick to create shadows 3. Mark where you want scars or gashes 4.Mix creme and blood, dab it on face 5.Add blood wear you want 6.Do whatever eye makeup you wish and put in contacts . . .Annnnndddd wa-la you're done! I hope you all enjoyed and liked the look! Thank you for giving it time .