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Hello all! I'm starting a new fanfiction that will be multiple parts. I'll try to update once every week to two weeks. I hope you all enjoy!
death. I always knew it was coming. just not this early. I was suppose to grow old and die peacefully in a hospital bed. but instead of a hospital bed, it turned out to be a street. one moment I was running from my home to get away from my parents who seemed to always be screaming at each other, and the next I was flying 30 feet from the sidewalk. as I lay there with my head cracked open, I thought "it could be worse." the sad reality was that it wasn't always like this 10 years earlier~ The school seemed larger than it did when I saw it from the car window but now that I was right at the entrance, it looked like a castle from one of my story books. "Mommy I don't want to go anymore. What if the kids are mean?" I whined as I tried hiding behind her legs. "Hyeri we've talked about this before, there's nothing to be afraid of. I'm sure you'll make lots of friends." my mother said tenderly. She gave me a gentle nudge and I reluctantly let go. As I walked through the doors to my classroom, my teacher greeted me cheerfully. I put my things in my cubby and went to the play area where all of the kids were. It seemed like everyone had someone to play with. I looked over at the small library and my jaw dropped. There were so many books that I couldn't even count, although I couldn't count to start with. I picked out a book and sat in a small beanbag chair. As I started reading, everything around me seemed to melt away and I found myself as part of this other world. "Can I sit with you?" Someone asked, interrupting my imagination. I looked up to see a boy standing in front of me with a book in his arms. "Um I...I guess." He smiled and sat down in the beanbag next to mine. I wasn't really sure how to handle the situation because I didn't know him so I just sat quietly and continued to read. "My name is Kyungsoo. What's yours?" I heard him ask a few moments later. "Hyeri." I replied shyly. "Wanna be friends Hyeri?" He asked, smiling widely. My heart stopped. I had never had a friend before. The only people who would play with me were mommy and daddy so this was unexpected. "S...sure, I guess." I stuttered. "Great! C'mon, let's go." He stood up and stuck out his hand to help me up. "Where are we going?" I asked hesitantly "To meet my other friends."

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