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It's that time again!
I want to thank all our players last week for participating! I tried to keep it easy but ya know, my love will only go so far until I want to start getting evil and make the choices difficult....... ;)
If you would like to play but missed the basics, here is my Game Introduction/Example card!
If you missed last week's game/the debut, here is the card! Round 1^^
Please keep in mind, I will be pulling idols and actors and even comedians from all over the Korean entertainment industry, so if you don't know who someone is, don't be afraid to trust your gut! :D
Are you ready? ;)



Time to motivate these lazy bums!

Seventeen~ Wonwoo

Mini Blurb~

Stage Name: Wonwoo
Position: Lead Rapper
Birthday: July 17th. 1996
Height: 180cm (5’11”)
Weight: 57kg (125 lbs)
Nicknames: Sloth

Quick Facts~

- He’s scared of dogs.
- He says despite everybody thinking he’s cold, he actually has a warm personality.
- Other members voted him the cleanest member.

iKON~ Junhoe

Mini Blurb~

Stage Name: Junhoe
Position: Main Vocalist
Birthday: March 31, 1997
Height: 182 cm (6’0″)
Nicknames: Noise Pollution

Quick Facts~

- Known as troublesome member in the group.
- He has a fear of heights.
- Personality consists of blunt honesty, and plenty of sass

Got7~ Youngjae

Mini Blurb~

Stage Name: Youngjae
Position: Main Vocalist
Birthday: September 17, 1996
Height: 177 cm (5’10”)
Weight: 59 kg (130 lbs)
Nicknames: Sunshine

Quick Facts~

- Sleeps in a lot and have difficulties in waking up in the morning.
- He only trained for 7 months before debuting with GOT7.
- He was the last member to join GOT7.
*Dramatic background music*
Remember, there are no right or wrong choices but do think about Strength, Stamina, and Brains!
If you need to do some research on of of the idols, you're more than welcome to do so!

Make sure to explain WHY! ;D

I'll be dropping my choice before next week's game!^^

Best of luck to everyone!

Is YOUR bias in this round? Tell me if you were challenged or not down below!

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I will take IKON's JunHoe. Since he's competed twice on reality type programs to 'win' his spot on IKON, I know he's good under pressure. Being sassy probably means his mouth gets him in trouble so he'd better be able to run away from his other members. My ball of sunshine Youngjae isn't really cut out for running a relay, and having Sloth as a nickname tells me I shouldn't count on WonWoo for moving quickly either.
haha looks like we have the same opinion here. I knew right away when I saw that Wonwoo's nickname was sloth their was no hope for him in a really race.
I would pick Junhoe.... Now I dont know Seventeen well but I know a little about iKon and of course you know I love GOT7.... but I would pick Junhoe over Youngjae simply because Junhoe is blunt and sassy like myself. even if we didn't end up winning we would have a blast playing the game. Plus he seems like the type who likes to win so I think he would have the drive.
I'm just going to pick Youngjae because i don't know the rest. I have zero explanation I'm sorry lol
I don't know Wonwoo or Junhoe but I know Youngjae! He was once my GOT7 bias wrecker but now Jackson took that spot while JB still holds the title of my UB. 💜 Back to the game! Youngjae's personality is bubbly, innocent and sweet but I can imagine him falling... 😂 Wonwoo's nickname is "SLOTH" that's a dead give away not to choose him. No need to look up info on him. Lastly Junhoe's personality is just like me. I'm terrified of heights, my mom tells me I'm too honest, I know I'm full of sass and sarcasm and I'm quite troublesome. Junhoe also looks like the athletic type, although I'm not I'm sure he can pick up my slack. XD
I pick Youngjae because his smiling face gives everyone around him a great feeling. He is also known for breaking into random songs as he goes through the day. Other than Disney princes, I know of no one who does that. All this makes him the ultimate prince charming of the options.