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heres my results for my first screenshot game the link share your results hope you guys enjoy and like


my bully is my UB Daehyun ❤ - I'm walking down the hallway, and I'm minding my own business until someone dropped my books on the floor. I glare at the jerk, who was Daehyun.. he always bullied me I don't know why? I didn't do anything to him. He kick my books and left with a grin in his face.


oh my bf is Younjae ☺ - after the incident I met with my boyfriend. I told him about Daehyun but he just said to ignore him. it seems he never cares what happens to me or something. he changed after a few months with me, he's different not that sweet caring guy anymore.


ahh Himchan oppa is my best friend ! - during lunch I sat alone at a table while Youngjae is somewhere with his friends. my best friend Himchan came and sat with me, he asked me if I'm ok, I told him about Daehyun and Youngjae. Himchan oppa comforted me. he's always there for me.


great he was my boyfriend now my ex - i left the school building and I didn't see Youngjae anywhere. he usually waits for me at the lockers.. no one had seen him, he didn't reply to any of the texts. i went back inside the school and search for him I dailed his number and I heard a ring, I follow it and my eyes went wide. he was with someone else. i went to confront him and told him it's over. did he care no, i left crying.


oh great he is my locker neighbor, and Yongguk oppa is also my locker neighbor - its been weeks that i haven't been well. I didn't want to go to school. I didn't want to see his face especially since we are locker neighbors. I arrive at school, i went to my locker and he was there, I went and open my locker. he didn't say anything or didn't even look at me. Then Yongguk oppa greeted me, as usual with his sweet gummy smile.


wahh!! Daehyunnie ❤❤ but he bullies me. hmm. - i open my locker and a folded paper falls out. this is the 5th time I received a note. it will dry the sweetest things that made my days, always wondering you is the one sending me this. i open the paper and it said to meet him at the school's rooftop.. I was excited and nervous at the same time. I went to the roof and saw him, Daehyunnie. what was he doing here, is he. I knew it, i shouldn't trust this. I was about to leave but he stopped me, he confess why he bullied me and that he had a crush on me.


yay! my UB ❤ - weeks gone by and I've been recovering from a broken heart thanks to Daehyun. we're good friends, he's a sweet guy and I'm falling for him but I don't want to cause what if I get hurt again and i don't want that. Prom is tonight I didn't want to go but Deahyun convince me and I'm going with him. I got ready and he was here. he looks good in a suit. we are at prom and I had fun. I dance with friends and with Daehyun, we dance to a slow dance, I notice Youngjae with her I wanted to cry but I held it in. Daehyun notice and he held my chin making me look at him, he kissed me. I was in shocked I pushed him and cried I told him that I'm afraid to fall in love again. but he said that he won't hurt me that he'll protect me. I smiled and hugged him we both shared a kiss. ❤