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Before any of you ask, yes, I do have many things to say about this issue! I thinks it's wrong and disgraceful! I hope these people are caught and punished! Hwaiting Yugyeom-Oppa! ❤️
Apparently this also happened to our poor Jungkookie at MAMA! How could you even?! Why?! R. E. S. P. E. C. T. You fuckers who call themselves "fans" and then do shit like this are really starting to piss me off! #Respectidols #RespectBTS #RespectJungkook
YES I heard about this and it got me SO mad😠
It also happened to Jungkook from BTS during the MAMA music awards. Some fans saw him in the bathroom while he washing his hands. Jungkook told them no pictures and they took a picture of him and posted it on snap chat
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amberg171997. True that is also an invasion of privacy, but there is a big leap from photos of someone washing their hands versus videos from under the stall door!
What happened? I've been so far out of the loop, I've been able to keep up with my bias groups.
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