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Who: Reader x Jay Park What: Smut Smut Smut!

Warning: Mature content 18+ read at your own risk

Story: N/a
Jay mentioned something about a game night tonight with Simon and his girl but you thought it would involve shots or a good game of cards against humanity, hell even a round of monopoly where you all raged at each other would've been great... Not a couples game. Honestly it seemed like something Simon's freak girlfriend was into rather than you or Jay. Simon was doing a good job at seeming interested but all of this became kind of dangerous to you. It was a couples game but the dares and questions were risque. There was a question about the first place you made love to your significant other and yeah, okay that was fine. You and Jay first had sex in a tent outside this camping place he took you to on your fourth date. The stars were out, the moon was bright, the romantic atmosphere had put you in the mood just right. Jay very easily took advantage of it but you didn't mind because his body on your was amazing it always felt great the way he grabbed you and kissed you... Then things got a little crazy when a dare came up. The card daring each couple to switch partners for a second and kiss. You watched Jay kiss Simon's girl. He wrapped his arm around her shoulder, lifted her chin and kissed her sweetly. That annoyed you. So to get back at him you flipped your hair to one side and you made yourself taller than Simon, which was easy since he was sitting down. His hands came to your waist and he looked up while your hands came to his face and you looked down. Your kiss was more sensual, more lustful and quite dirty. Simon had to lick his lips and look away from you. He even took a huge gulp of his water before he looked back at his girl and said, "Okay why don't we change back?" "That's a good idea." Jay said. You sat back down with Jay and Simon and his girlfriend went into the kitchen for a moment. Jay leaned over, coming towards your neck and kissed you there, making the spot wet and your heart pound. Your head rolled back as he moved his kisses around the front of your neck. "What was that all about baby girl?" he spoke against your neck. "I could ask you the same thing." You said trying to control your voice from turning into a moan. He sucked hard on the side of your neck and you bit your lip. "What did you say, I wasn't listening." He said in your ear. He was placing kisses on the side of your face. His nose taking in the scent of your perfume you sprayed in your hair earlier that night. Jay was jealous which was what you wanted but you forgot how he got when he was jealous: possessive. His little marks on your skin were his way of silently claiming what was his. He was territorial and you liked that but having him do that here in Simon's place was trouble. "Jay." you whined. "Did you like kissing him babe?" "Did you like kissing her? We shouldn't have agreed to that, it was-" He pressed his lips up against yours and kissed you hard. His lips were heavy on yours making them swollen. His tongue taking dominance over yours making you moan into his lips. Then you felt his hand come to your breast, massaging them slowly and carefully. His thumb running over and teasing your hard nipples pushing through your bra. You whined into his mouth and pulled away covering your lips, "Behave." You whispered. He shook his head. "No baby girl this is your punishment for kissing him like that. You looked like you enjoyed it. You and Simon get along well but even he knows who you belong to baby. Who's are you?" "Yours." you answered all to obediently. "Damn right." Just as Simon and his girlfriend were coming back, Jay smoothly placed his hand on your thigh and trailed it up under your skirt. He came near your neck again kissing you even as they sat down. He whispered in your ear, "Open your legs." You looked at him and he nodded, squeezing your thigh to encourage you to listen. You parted your legs slightly and his fingers made their way to your panties. His forefinger teasing your clit. You pressed your lips together trying not to make a sound. "Y/n it's your turn to pick a card." Simon said. "Yeah baby pick a good one." Jay said smiling at you. You would've slapped that smug grin off his face if you weren't in front of company. You felt Jay push your panties to the side and quickly push a finger inside of you as you reached for a card. You made a little moaning sound that was dulled by your pressed lips but it was still heard by everyone. You sat down turning the card to face you so you could read it. "Are you alright?" Simon's girl asked. "Yeah I'm fine Jin, thanks." You said. "What does your card say baby girl?" Jay said leaning over to see it. He hummed happily after reading the question and looked at you urging you to read it aloud. You sighed feeling him push another finger inside you. You were so hot and bothered but your poker face was pretty good. Jay could feel it though, the way you tightened around his fingers and he kept pumping into you slowly while every part of your wanted him to move faster. "Read it Y/n." He said smiling his eyes dark and dangerous "Would you rather watch someone have sex or have sex and be watched?" You read the card. The other "Would you rather" questions were just as outrageous but honestly both you and Jay knew your answers without thinking. "Kiseok would want to watch, he wouldn't like another person watching what he does." Jin said. Simon nodded, "Jin would want to be watched, she finds it hot." Simon said. "Jay would want to be watched. He thinks it's exciting having someone's eyes watching our movements. He'd probably want me to be loud so whoever was watching knew how good he was making me feel." You answered looking down at the table. Jay from the corner of your eye nodded with a smile and said, "Y/n would want to be watched too. She'd like it to be a secret at first, she'd want to be with toyed with and force herself to be silent until she couldn't take it any more. Then she'd want all eyes on her, it'd make her so hot right baby?" "Mhmmm." You hummed out your pleasure of his fingers coming out of your to pinch your clit. You could hold your voice back but not for long. He slowly slid his fingers back down as he drew a card and he moved faster. Your heart was pounding and your face felt hot. You wondered if you looked like you were blushing. It was hot, so hot to have those two sit in front of you while Jay's fingers fucked you but it wouldn't be long before you needed him inside you. The more you thought about Simon and Jin watching you two fuck the hotter you got. Simon would watch according to Jin but Jin would want to join in and part of you would've let her as long as Jay didn't kiss her again. You could imagine two sets of hands roaming your body while Jay fucked you from behind. His hands could work at your breast and tease your nipples while her hand came to rub your clit in fast circles. The images were so vivid in your head that your hips bucked into Jay's fingers on their own while Simon answered the question. Something regarding a favorite position. You could think of a position you wanted to be in now. On your back with Jay inside you, his hips snapping into your body with so much force you could only scream in pleasure. His hot breath on your neck too, Jin could kiss the other side of your neck. Hell Simon could kiss your breast and make the act of pleasuring you a team effort. Jay slipped in a third finger and you tried your best not to whine. Your eyebrows pushed together feeling him spread his fingers to stretch you out. You mouth opened go moan but you quickly closed it. If Simon touched you too it would be amazing. He had beautiful lips, you could imagine them wrapped around your clit sucking away while you sucked on Jay. You wanted his fingers in your mouth. You hummed melodies, tying to push sound out without giving away what Jay and the images of being in a three way with his best friend or his girlfriend were currently doing to you. "Jay let's go home." You said lightly placing a hand on his shoulder. "Aren't you having fun baby? Have you been thinking about them touching you too? She would love having Kiseok watch you two kiss. Kiseok might even like you riding him, you're so good at that baby." Jay whispered back. You could feel his smile on your ear, the damn tease. He knew your imagination was vivid. He knew all he had to do was strike the match and the fire would grow. He knew telling you all those dirty things would make you want him more. He would let Simon fuck you, he would love it as long as you and Simon didn't kiss. At the end of it all, he'd ask who you liked more and you damn sure better answer right otherwise he wouldn't let you sleep till you were screaming his name and he'd deny you every orgasm until you admitted he was the best. That kind of teasing was amazing though and you tightened more at the thought of his punishment. His fingers worked faster now curling and hitting a delicious spot that almost made you scream. He knew what that spot did to you so he kissed you quick letting you moan in his mouth. Jin and Simon's eyes were both on you. You felt so hot, you couldn't take his fingers anymore; you wanted more, so much more. You wanted to come, you wanted him fucking you so hard. You pulled away from him, "Take me home." You whined against his lips. "Guys Y/n is turned on." Jay said with a smile on. Your eyes widened for a moment then shut tight while you squeezed his shoulders to keep quiet. His fingers were going deeper because you moved up a little. "I was wondering why she seemed so off." Jin said. Jay chuckled, "She wants me so much it's so cute isn't it?" "Jay." You whined not being able to hide any longer that you were fucked out. "She wants you to watch." Jay said looking into your eyes. You moaned lightly, "Jay please. Let's go home." You whined. Jay smiled watching your face contort in pleasure. You were saying to leave but your hips were grinding against his fingers harder. You were so close. "Baby you won't make home if I don't finish you here. You'll lose your mind. Come on baby girl. Will you guys help me make her fantasy true?" Jay directed towards Simon and Jin. You wrapped your arms around Jay's neck hugging him close. You were willing yourself not to come but when they said yes you moaned excitedly. Jay removed his fingers making you whimper and bite your lip. He led you over to the couch and he sat down before you. He removed your panties and you watched him undo his pants. He patted his lap for you to sit down on him but when you stepped forward he turned you around so you could see their eyes on you. You almost lost your breath. You couldn't believe you were doing this. He pushed inside of you and you moaned out loud. Jay pulled you against him and said, "Look at them watching baby girl. You look so sexy they probably want a taste too." He kissed your neck while you bounced up and down on him. You were losing your breath. You watched them watching you and Jay's hand came to your clit. Your voice got slightly louder and you rolled your hips faster. Simon couldn't seem to handle watching without being able to touch. He grabbed Jin and kissed her hard. The way his lips crashed over hers you were wanting Jay's lips on you. As if reading your mind, he kissed you then pushed you up to turn you around to look at him. Jin and Simon were kissing as Simon walked her back to their bedroom. Jay laughed and said, "They couldn't handle you baby. Watching your sexy ass, they wanted you too." "Jay." "Did you want him touching you too? Or maybe her? Or was it both? You're so kinky baby girl. That dirty mind will get you in trouble." "I'm so close Jay." "Fuck baby you can come on me. Be a good girl and cum for me." He said. He aided your hips moving you faster than before. He snapped his hips up into you making you cry out. Your hands squeezed his shoulders as you tightened around him, "Jay!" You cried finally reaching your orgasm. He kept snapping his hips up into you searching for his release. He buried his face in your clothed chest. It felt so good, so amazing the way he kept fucking you, this thumb coming to your clit. Your body jerked on him, over stimulated by him then you felt him fill you up. He pushed you down on him groaning into your breast while calling your name. He looked up at you and forced your head down so be could catch your lips. He kissed you with hot passion. Thinking about it now he was just as turned on as you were. Having them watch, even for a little, had him ready to lose it too. You caught your breath and leaned over to rest on him. His hand rubbed your ass slowly as he caught his breath too. His hands roamed your back slowly, making circles around your lower back and shoulders blade. "Let's go home baby girl. By the time we get back we can go another round." He said. You nodded against him but neither one of you moved for another few minutes. When you both found the energy to stand up you collected your panties while Jay helped clean you up. You guys looked at the stupid game board that had begun this mess in the first place and Jay laughed, "That'll probably be the last time Kiseok ever plays a board game in his life." he said. He wrapped his arm around your shoulder and you chuckled feeling like you were in the same boat with Simon. You both could hear Jin's moans from their bedroom and you looked at each other and shrugged. You two walked out of their place locking the door behind you and going home... It was a month later when Jay came into your bedroom and said, "Baby guess what?" "What?" You said looking back at him as he laid on his stomach next you. You were in his white shirt and your underwear looking through a fashion magazine. It was still morning and he was getting ready to leave in an hour for work. He wrapped his arms around you kissed your shoulder and said, "Kiseok said Jin and him had the most amazing sex the night we played that board game, he wants to know if we'll come over and play it again tonight since we have a mini vacation starting tomorrow." Jay said. "Really wasn't once enough?" you said not even a little enthusiastic about that idea. "Well you know Jin, she doesn't mind letting her freak flag fly." Jay said. "Sounds like someone else I know." You said looking back at him. He laughed and said, "Should I tell them to expect us tonight or not baby girl?" "Tell him we'll come but no funny business this time Jay I'm serious." "Why not, you liked it. You were so fucking sexy too." "Once was enough, it was hot but I'm not going to keep having sex in front of them just so Kiseok can have an amazing lay." "Alright baby I'll behave." "What was the name of that stupid game anyway?" You said slightly annoyed. "Wild card."
Must. Have. MoreπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜­
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always love your work and this was AmazBalls lol
@royalpandajedi Thank you so much!
πŸ‘€πŸ‘€πŸ‘€πŸ‘€ it's Smut everywhere today.. Im Dying left and right 😱
lmfao I sorry πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
Haha... Jay must be on everyone's mind lately. This is great!
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You're welcome... He came knocking, I inadvertently let him in, now he won't leave
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