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trying to do one a day but idk if I'll be able too

You couldn’t see. You couldn’t move your arms that well, but you knew it would be worth it. You wanted nothing more than to see Jihoon Oppas face when he saw you tied and blind naked to the bed. You used his black on-stage ties he never bound you with because he hates when they are wrinkled. You wanted his dark side to come out. It has been too long since you saw your Oppa. You knew he would go crazy at seeing you like this; nothing but a thin black sheet to cover your naked body. Oppa would have to come out, to punish you for using his special ties. You smiled into the air of your thoughts, already so wet. The door opened and you heard the sound of keys hitting the bottom of the bowl. “Baby?” He called and you squirmed at the anticipation but said nothing. “I’m home,” said taking off his shoes, you could already picture how his demeanor would change when he saw you. “I brought food, and that movie you wanted to see.” You heard him enter the living room. If he stood on the left side of the sofa he would see you in the room. Waiting for him. He set the food and movie on the coffee table, you could hear his feet shuffling. “Baby?” He called out. “Do you have headphones in?” He paused, you couldn’t hear his feet any more. Two whole seconds later he moved, towards you. His steps stopped at the side of the bed you could tell he was looking down at you, then, his hand found your jaw and you moaned at the gentle touch. He made his way down your neck, tracing your skin with his fingers, and played with the hem of the sheet. He tugged the sheet down and groaned at your breasts staring up at him. “Oh baby.” He said, his fingers finding your nipple and pulling. You moaned and arched your back into his hand, but it disappeared. You heard him take off his shirt and then he climbed on top of you, his hands automatically came to hold your wrists even though they were already bound and his lips crashed onto yours. You gave him entrance at once and moaned into his mouth when his tongue pushed against yours. Jihoon kissed you roughly yet slow. He was making sure you knew you were his. Possessing you, owning you. You moaned again. His hands tighten around your wrists as he breaks away from your lips, leaving you gasping for air. His lips find your neck and kiss down to your collarbone where he starts sucking dark purple spots onto your skin. He groans at your moans and slowly moves down toward your heat, teasing you the whole way. Finding your black lace panties, he rubbed you through the thin cloth. Then he pushed your panties aside and inserted a finger inside you. “Jihoon,” You moaned. “You like this baby?” He asked as he picked up the pace. Arching your back, you moaned loudly. “I want to see you.“ You said lifting up your body so he could bury his finger deeper inside of you. He reached forward and pulled the blindfold down. Yours eyes took a minute to adjust to light as Jihoon untied the blindfold from your head. Your eyes wondered to everything. His black shirt with a white design on the collar was on the floor. His black socks were off, leaving him in his black pants on top of you. You wanted to ride the cloth. You wanted to bite at his neck. You wanted him to take you. You pushed yourself up at him but he was distracted with the black tie. Oh. The black tie. “Is this my stage tie?” He asked, a new look in his eyes. You held your smile and you saw him change. His eyes went dark as he pulled his bottom lip into his mouth. He eyes pass over you once and he lightly shakes his head. “Oh baby,” He said. You gulped. “Mistake.” He said lifting his eyebrows. His hands pined your waist down so you couldn’t move. You moaned at the friction and again when his tongue flicked over your clit. “I told you not to touch them.” He hummed into your core, you cried out and arched your back. Begging for contact. “You know I don’t like it when you disobey me.” He said before taking your clit into his mouth and sucking harshly. After a few moans and groans from the both of you he moves down teasing your entrance with his tongue. Never darting in just around your rim. “Jihoon,” You cry. “Please” You plead. His hands push blue fingertip shaped marks on your skin as you try to get closer to him. His tongue rounding your rim again. You could feel the sweat on your neck. You wanted him. You needed him. “I’m sorry.” You tried. He moved away from your center entirely and instead lapped up your juices from your folds and thighs. Kissing your thighs clean he moaned into your inner leg. His hand came to grip your thigh. The silence and rejection was killing you. “Please.” You said trying to push your thighs into his face but he was too strong. “Daddy I’m sorry, please.” He stopped kissing your thighs and looked up at you instead. He looked crazy. His eyes were wild, his hair a mess. You could see some your wetness on his jaw. You bit your lip. He shifted. His head came closer to yours as his hips locked your waist in place, to keep you from moving. He looked so sexy. “Have I teased you enough baby?” He questioned. “Yes,” You responded. “I-I’m sorry. So sorry.” You pleaded. His eyes explored your face, down your neck and then your breasts. He smirked. “I’ve missed you like this.” He said and then his hand came up and grabbed your breast. He massages it and then pulls at your sensitive nub. You let out a breathy moan. His hips grind against you. Your hips buckle up onto his clothed member. He other hand comes to your other breast as he closes his eyes and throws his head back. You grind against him again and again while his hands push and pull at your breasts. A mhh comes from his throat and it almost takes you over the edge. “Daddy?” You say, slowing down your movements. “Oh no,no,” he says taking his hands away from your sore breasts and to your hips. “Don’t stop; Daddy likes when you work for it kitten.” “Please,” You say, grinding up again. He answers with a hmm, your hips were starting to sting. You movements slowed again. “Kitten,” Jihoon groaned. “Don’t slack on me.” You moaned up at him. “But my legs are sore.” You answered. “Well baby,” He said resting his weight on your thighs, freezing you. “I would spank you for disobeying me but you’re already tied up. That means you’re going to have to work for your release.” You thought the teasing would never end. “So… You’ll fuck me? Y-you won’t just keep teasing me?" "Oh. I plan on fucking you baby,” He said reaching down and caressing your cheek, you leaned into it. “It just depends on you, for if you’ll cum or not." So you were going to have work for it. That was your punishment. You were wet, tied to the damn bed, with a hot eager body on you. Bring it on. He unbuckled his pants and soon they were off completely. He lined himself up to you. "Are you ready to purr for me kitten?” He teased as his throbbing cock rubbed your rim. “Yes.” You moaned out, trying not to buck your hips up because you knew he’d make it harder for you if you did. “Yes what?” He demanded. “Yes Daddy.” You breathe. He slowly filed you. So much of him. He moans as he buried himself in you. “That’s a good girl.” He said through clinched teeth. He rolled his hips to stretch you out, gaining him a moan from you. “You feel. So. Good. Baby.” He groaned. You gripped your restraints as he rocked into you at a quicker pace. He moans become more breathy, his thrusts more sharp. You never really got to get used to him but the pleasure was more than the pain. He moans your name. Jihoon thrusts into you so sharp and quickly you saw white. His nails dug into your thighs as he lifted you up. You cry at the new angle. At him hitting that sweet soft spot inside you. “Jihoon!” You moan, throwing your head back into the pillow. His thrusts stop as he exits you completely. You whine at your loss. “What did you just call me?” He was out of breath, on the verge of climax and pissed. “Daddy. I’m sorry. I-I..” His fingers pushed past your teeth. “Suck.” He ordered and you did so without hesitation. “Oh baby. You’re really playing with me tonight.” He moaned as you swirled your tongue around the underside of his fingers. “That feels good baby. Should I let you just suck me off?” He offered, you shook your head. He pulled out his fingers and ran his thumb over you erect nipple. “No?” He asked, repeating the movement, releasing a moan from you. “Please,” You said. “I want you to fuck me." "Who do you want to fuck you?” He asked. “You, Daddy.” With that he returned to his position in between your legs. “Okay, kitten. Last chance.” He thrusts into you harshly and you cry at the suddenness of it all. But he doesn’t stop, his thrusts were rough and fast. Again and again and again. You moaned and cried as the sound of Jihoon’s skin slapping yours filled the air. He moaned as he picked your thighs up again. He rolled and snapped his hips against your soft spot. Causing moan and whines to leave your lips. You could feel the building up inside as Oppa fucked you. “I think I’m close Daddy.” You breathed as he snapped his hips again. “Purr for me kitten.” He grunts. His cock twitched inside you and you felt your core tighten around him. You started to shake as your orgasm took hold of you. You cried out over and over as you waited for Jihoon. “That’s a good kitten.” He said pounding into your sore core. You tried to tighten around him again and he came into you. He fell beside you, out of breath. A smile spread on his face as he licked his lips. He looked over at you and immediately unbound you. “Come here.” He said reaching out his arm for you to lay on. Jihoon took one of your wrists and rubbed it for you. “How long did wait for me like this?” He asked looking around the room. You smiled up at him before nuzzling into his rising chest. “Long enough to work out an appetite.” You answered. “Hmm,” He said. “I did bring a movie.” Jihoon kissed your wrist and sat up. “But after we eat, you iron my ties.” He ordered, Daddy still present. You hoped he would stick around at least for round two…
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Yes I did and now I'm dead.
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