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Hi hi!!!! I hope you all had a good weekend!! lol I had a great one with the first snow on the ground and getting to enjoy it with my friend! lol we kinda did a Jin birthday theme for a bit as was his birthday a day or so ago! didn't think I was going to write but I did a bit. Okay I have Coffee Break ready for you all!!! now the concert will be split in 2 parts, this is part 1!
Keri view**** It was the day of the concert and I was extatic to see what was in store. It being my first concert and going by myself I felt very self conscious about what I was doing. I dressed in a plan black shirt and black jeans then threw on one of Yoongi's hoodies that he left. It was getting chilly out but not to the point that I wanted to dig out my full coat. I had no hoodies so, I used his he left behind. He wouldn't mind, right. At the concert hall people were lined up, people were crowded to see them. My senses were in overload and I remembered why I had never been to a concert, or to any big events. I hated large crowds. Standing off to the side of the building I looked for a place that had fewer people. I'd never be able to calm myself down I thought as I held onto my chest and leaned against the wall. At that moment I wished yoongi was there beside me, or just a phone call. No luck. "Hi! Are you okay? You look like your going to pass out" a female voice had me opening my eyes to look. A pretty brunette stood a few feet in front of me. Her eyes were wide as she looked at me concerned. "I'm okay" I tried to say . "You don't look like it. Is this your first concert?" She asked. "Yes, and I'm here by myself" I told her. "Oh why would you come by yourself? Oh none of your friends like bts?" She asked intreged. "No that wasn't it. I just got one ticket is all" my breathing was regulating and I was calming down. "Thats okay. I came by myself too. None of my friends wanted to come with me" she smiled at me. "Hi I'm Layla, at least everyone calls me that" she said extending her hand. "I'm Keri. Nice to meet you" I said shaking her hand. "So are you feeling better now?" She asked. "Yea thanks. Crowds are bigger then I thought, its overwhelming" I said. "Oh yes, a lot of people come to these concerts" she grinned. "This is my second concert and I'm super excited about it" she said. "Really? Did you like the first one?" I asked curious. "Yes" she laughed "I'm addicted now. Hey do you want to stand in line together? That way we can talk as we wait to go in" she offered. "Thanks I would like that" I nodded. So we walked back down to the front, or rather the other side where the line went and got in line. We were talking for several minuted when my phone went off. I excused myself for looking and saw yoongi messaged me. 'Are you excited baby?' 'Yes! I met a couple people in line I'm talking to as well. I had a moment of panic at the beginning when I got here but than it passed' I was going to write all that but I thought better of it and just left it half way. 'Yes! I met a couple people in line I'm talking to as well '   His message came very fast after that. 'Really? I hope your hearing good things about us! Good for you making new friends! :)' 'Are you doing okay in the crowds?' He wrote a second message. 'I had a little trouble in the beginning, there are so many people here' I wrote out. He brought it up, I wasn't going to say anything if he didn't ask. 'I forgot you didn't do well in crowds' he wrote That was nice he remembered that even for a moment out of his busy day. I couldn't help but laugh at the message. "What are you laughing at?" Layla asked next to me. "Oh my boyfriend was messaging me asking if I was having a good time." I told her. She crinkled her nose. "Boyfriend? Why wouldn't he be here with you?" She asked curious. "Well he's busy today and couldn't come" I said. It was true I told myself, he was busy today and couldn't come wait in line with me. "Oh okay. I bet he's working hard. Did he give you the ticket then?" She asked. "Yes he did. He wanted me to experience my first concert" I told her. She asked several other questions about him and then started talking aboutvher boyfriend who hated concerts. I messaged him back saying it was sweet of him to remember that and I was doing fine with my new friend. I found out layla was several rows behind me and we talked more and exchanged numbers. When the doors opened the line moved up more and more. I entered the inside and saw how even more crowded it was inside, people coming in to get inside. That anxious feeling came back 10 fold and I started breathing heavily. "Boy you really don't do well in crowds" layla said as she wrapped an arm around my shoulders. "Come on will you be better if your a little bit away?" She asked. I just nodded my head. Layla took me through the crowd and towards a corner that had security and asked if we could wait behind them for a while, until the crowd went into the stadium. After a look at me the security guard allowed it. "You can go in if you want I'm just going to wait here until everyone goes in" I said as I leaned against the wall catching my breath. "Nope, I think I'll just wait too" she said nodding her head. She talked to me a little bit trying to tell me all the exciting things that happened at concerts and I listened. It did sound like fun, it really did. Still I didn't think I could do it. "Hey why don't I get you some water and see if that will help" layla offered and I nodded. She asked the security guard where beverages were at then said be right back. I waited several minuted as my breathing evened out. When it did and layla wasn't back yet, I pulled out my phone and dialed Yoongi. I know I shouldn't call and he probably wouldn't answer but if he did that would be nice. "Baby, aren't you in the crowd right now?" Yoongi answered. "Uhm nooo. Would you be really upset if I didn't see it? Maybe just be in the lobby waiting?" I asked wincing even at my own words. "Why? What's going on?" He sounded worried. "Uhm not doing to well in the crowd right now and I'm just in the lobby. Yoongi this is a lot more people then I ever thought to be around" I told him truthfully. "Where are you in the lobby? Are you still around people?" He asked. "No I'm off to the side behind a really nice security guard right now" I said. "Are you by doors?" He asked. I looked around and saw backstage doors a little down the hall from me. "Uh yes there just down the hall from me" I said. "Alright I'm coming to get you, just hold on" he said. "Oh but layla will be back in a bit. She's nice she went to get me some water" I told him. "Well if she's there before I am then send her in the theater otherwise I'll say hi to her" he sounded questionable like he was thinking on the spot there. A few minutes later Layla came back with a bottle of water. I thanked her when she handed it to me. "Layla thanks for this. I'll pay you back-" "Nah don't worry about it" she shook her head. "Oh thanks. Though I think I'm just going to wait here, my friend is coming to get me since I just can't do this" I told her. "What! No you can't leave. Youve made it this far" she protested. "I know but thinking about being in that crowd" I shivered "It won't be so bad once your inside and at your seat" she said just as I turned towards the doors to see them open. Yoongi was peaking out and when he saw me he waved for me to come closer. "Um it looks like my friend is here" I said. "What? So fast? Where?" She looked around and then noticed Yoongi's head peaking out.
Hehe. I am so excited to introduce a new person! Layla!!! Yey a new friend for Keri! she really needs a new friend to talk to and have around. oh I hope Yoongi likes her too.
@TracyLynnn @artificialgold hehe I'm glad you liked Layla! 😁😀 I also figured some people could be able to relate to keri and how her first reaction was to the crowds.
I love Layla so far. I totally understand Keri in this chap. thx for the update
I know exactly how Keri feels, I hate crowds as well. I'm super excited for the next part in Yoongi's P.O.V. Also I like Layla keep her around please. 😂
omgosh! I totally understand her! I'm like seriously claustrophobic, i passed out in a school bus on a simple school trip once.. not fun! that note aside~yay! I hope she's as darling as she sounds so far! Keri could really use a true friends to talk her~♡ for real! DoN't make mE Hate her preTTy PLeaSe!♡
I hope Layla is cool that Keri's boyfriend is Yoongi, I'd be jealous, hell, I wouldn't even make it past the main extra nice without freaking out, I mean I can handle crowds but if it was at a BTS or any other Kpop concert I don't know what would happen other then internally screaming and I'd be dead. Le me laying face down outside the doors to the concert room, a girl walks up to me: "Are you okay?" Le me: "No, I'm dead" Le girl: "Ok" girl proceeds to enter the room. ~ an hour into the concert ~ Le me after calming down still laying on the ground: *cries while waving my lightstick everywhere*
😂😂😂 that is to funny. lol I think I would die if I saw any of them sticking there head out and looking at the fans like omo! total agreement with your reaction. lol.
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