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Do you find your strawberry eaten or do you find the appearance of your plant stunted? If so, this is due to the voracious appetite of various pests. To defend your strawberry plants and fruits from these warlike pests, learn how to identify them when they do infest your garden.
The Sap Beetle
The sap beetles are attracted to the plant’s sap usually from ripe fruits or damaged and cracked fruits. An indication that there’s a sap beetle infestation in your strawberry bed is when you see small holes in the bottom of the berries.
The Strawberry Root Weevil
Some root weevil species damage and eat the young roots and crowns of strawberries. Adults will also feed on leaves but the greater damage is done as they tunnel in the roots and crowns of your crops. Once infested with strawberry root weevils, it will stunt the growth of your plants and will cause darkening of leaves that could weaken your precious crops or worse, it may lead to death.
The Meadow Spittlebug
Meadow spittlebugs produce a white mass of wet foam or create spittle on the leaves, stems, and petioles of your plant. Just like the root weevils, they stunt the growth of your strawberry crops.