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Today's Day 5 of the challenge and today it's about Captain and Lieutenant combos. And here is my favorite with a note to my others.

Captain Toshiro Hitsugaya & Lieutenant Rangiku Matsumoto

My favorite combo is the one that's shown the most. Toshiro and Rangiku. Simply put these two are fantastic together, Rangiku is always goofing off and not doing paperwork while Toshiro is stuck doing it all himself however those aren't my only reasons. As much as Rangiku slacks and with how irritating it is to Shiro you'd think that he would grow to loath her but he genuinely cares about her. When Rangiku is in danger he rushes to her aid if available and when he fought Halibel he couldn't focus on his fight as he was more so worried about hers. Rangiku also isn't a total slouch known to get serious on occasions when the need arises like when they first fought the arrancar or when she had to fight her Zanpakuto Matsumoto takes being a Vice captain seriously she just hates to do the work. Though if anyone has seen Ishin's back story it's probably more so a it's not my turn anymore deal xD.
Captain Sajin Komamura & Lieutenant Shuhei Hisagi The runner up combo that I would have given this card's dedication to till I realised they don't actually do anything together :( (cept that one thing with Tousen) what makes these two pull into consideration for me is that they both have a strong sense of Justice and what is good and what is evil, they both have this in some way shape or form. Shuhei more so because he has had 3 mentors kinda. Kensei, Tousen and Komamura each one teaching him something different. Which is a real shame because he sees such little screen time but thems the brakes. Eventually these two fight together against Tousen and it really do seems like they care for Tousen trying to save their friend who had stood against them and despite what he became and had done they stood by him and tried to save him ya know after failing to kill him but that's not important really.
Well thanks for reading I do appreciate it and if you want to tell everyone who's your favorite combo pairing go ahead and leave a comment or make card (it's prettier :3) Tagging @AdamDean @Zeenyte