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This is a screenshot game for BTS! The winter season is here and nothing is better then getting a weekend trip away from everyone and going to a resort with snow all around and having lovely scenery to look at! You'll arrive Saturday morning and leave Sunday night! You and your boyfriend will be getting a trip to go somewhere and do something fun!!! Through this game you will take screenshots to choose who your boyfriend is, see what activity you will be doing, What outfit you will dress in,  what kind of lodging you will be staying at, What the room will look like, And where you sit and talk enjoying a nice fireplace. So let's take a trip!!!!
1. Who is your boyfriend Your boyfriend asks you out to go on a trip this weekend, with the snow coming down and the winter season beginning there's no better thing then to go on a trip for the first snow!
2. Lodging you will stay at! The lodging that you stay at is like a resort, big, inviting and warm, its impressing you right? That's his goal, to impress you with how he's going to treat you this weekend!
3. What your room looks like! The room you stay in is very unique. Your not sure what this means, is he expecting to deepen your relationship or not! Oh where will this lead!
4. Activity!!! After investigating the room he offers to go out and do something fun. There's so much to do around the lodge, where will he take you!
5. Clothing! Once you find out what your up to for the day its up for a change of clothes, hmm did you pack correctly for the event or were you a little off thinking you would be do something else.
6. lodge open area to chill It's time to warm up and start cuddling together in the lodges lobby. A fireplace is on and your sipping hot cocoa with him, talking and relaxing together.
Did you have a good day! Was it all you expected this weekened! Hope your activities were fun it so sad its ending Sunday night! I had a lot of fun making this screenshot game and I hope you enjoyed playing. Post your results if you want to! and have Fun!!!
I got jungkookie
hehe I got me some suga!~♡ yay!