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Reader + Simon Dominic Yummy Smuty


I swear my boyfriend is more of a glutton then a foodie. He gets overly excited everytime I cooked in general. Sometime he would ask me to bring him something to eat when he worked. Then there are the times we go out... Ice cream shop... Waffle places... Any type of cuisine... The moment he saw it. He would suddenly be hungry out of thin air. When this happens, I end up staring at him like he had 3 heads. Like, where the hell does he put it all. Never even gains a pound either. We were currently walking together in one of L.A's malls. He had me join AOMG tour as a vacation from my own job. Worse thing though about it was... Jay invited me... not Kiseok. I'm a chef in an infamous American cuisine restaurant. Being a Chef is hella more stressful than being an musician. Scientifically proven too, so I dare someone to tell me otherwise, haha. Jay was like my big brother, and always was the one to invite me to places. Actually Jay was the one that introduced me to Simon when I was last on vacation in Jay and my hometown Seattle. Ever since we met, Simon and I have been together. Though after a three year of being with him. I am feeling like he only with me, so I cam be his personal chef. We haven't even slept together yet. Though that is due to us both being hella busy. As well as the distance.
I sighed heavily along with Gray, when Kiseok found the candy shop. "I sometimes wonder what you see in him, y/n." I looked over at Gray as he watch Kiseok run inside the shop. I couldn't bring myself to answer him, since I was still trying to figure it out. "Y/n -ah, will you please get your man out of the candy shop?." I just nodded my head at Jay, before going into the shop and grabbing his arm. "Oppa, you don't have time to be shopping in here right now. Where here to buy you clothes not candy." He look over at me with puppy dog eyes, as he pouted. "Fine... " He didn't argue, because he knew I was right. He put his arm loosely around my shoulders, as we went to join the crew again. We did as plan, and got the boys and hoody unni new clothes, before the show. I personally seperated from them all while they perform, and went back to the candy shop before it closed. When I made it back to the backstage, Jay stop me from going into the waiting room. "Yah, where the fuck did you go? Simon Hyung is hurt you weren't there for his solo performance. Its why I invited you for him, as his request." I looked at Jay a bit surprise by his words. Kiseok was the one to invite me? Jay was just the middle man. "I actually went back to the mall to get him something. I didn't want him to see me buy it for him." I held up the black shopping bag, as Jay sighed. "Give him time to cool down and just meet us back at the hotel, please."
I nodded my head, and did as told. I hung my head feeling guilty for missing his performance. Its not like I haven't seen him perform before, but apparently this time was different from before. Since I thought Jay was the one inviting me personally as always, I didn't think missing it this time would matter. I when I made it to the hotel room, an idea came to mind. I ran to my bag, and change into my victoria secret sexy lingerie. I used the items I had gotten to make a small trail to the bedroom, and made a heart on thr bed with them. Next I put on my cotton candy lotion, making myself smell like candy. I made sure the lights were dimmed before sitting on thr couch in thr corner with nothing on but my high heels, and victoria sercet sexy lingerie.
Kiseok and barging into the hotel room, looking furious, but froze in place. He stared down at thr trail of candy, while the door slowly closed behind him. He follow the trail of candy, towards the bed, and looked up. His mouth fell open as he looked me over. I got upb and walked over to him. I put my arms around his neck, while smiling warmly at him. "I'm so sorry I missed the concert my gumdrop. I didn't think you were the one inviting me. I assume it was Jay, and made a fool of myself. I missed your solo, because I went back to the candy shop, and got you all this candy." His hands slowly found their way to my behind, as he closed his eyes, and took in a deep breath. His eyes shot open, and his hands squeezed my booty, the moment he smelt my lotion. He licked his lips, and raised an eyebrow at me. "Cotton candy lotion and its from a sex shop, so its edible." I winked at him, whilst he gulped. "Well this is one hell of an apology. I didn't even have to say a damn word." I giggled softly and pecked his lips. He licked his lips again, after tasting my sour apple jolly rancher lip bomb. "Ah fuck, You're in real trouble now." He picked me up by my thighs and crush his lips against my own. I giggled softly into the kissed as his tongue glided along my lips. I granted him access, as his tongue darted into my mouth to dominate. He sat me on the desk provided in hotel rooms. Hd broke away from me, and took off his shirt. He even used his shirt to brush the candy off the bed. "This is out first time, and I plan to eat you alive." You could she the lustful hunger in his eyes, as he undid his pants. I felt myself become flushed, as I watched him undress. This really was our first time, ans I made the beast hungry. He storm over me, as his hands latch onto my waist, and started to nibble along my neck. I bit my lip to control myself, but his lips felt so good long my skin. He had unfasten my bra, and free the puppies from their lacey kendle. I heard him moan softly, as his lips travel downwards. I had never felt so helpless, while my hands only held onto his shoulders. He started massaging my breast as he suck on them, as if he was trying to get milk from me. A moan finally escape from my lips, getting him to look up at me, with a smirk. He was pleased with himself, knowing full well, he was making me melt. He softly kissed up to my neck again, whilst making my arms wrap around his neck. He then lifted me off the desk and moved me to the bed. "Fall back." He whispered into my ear. Which I did obeyedly. I giggled softly as. I bounce on the bed. "God, you are so rare and I love it" I looked up at him, while he took hold of my leg. "Oh? then who do you love more... the food I make you, or me?" He stopped and blinked at me. "Seriously? You of course... what's a meal without the sexy desert that services it?" He winked as his hand slid down. my leg, to end up brushing against my clothed womanhood. His thumb rubbing against my clit, sending a warming sensation throughout my entire being. I saw the devilish grin appear on his lips, as watch my breathing turn into a heavy panting. I rolled my hips against his hand, catching his full attention, that I was hungry too. "Oh its like that?" He slap my behind, making me lift up my lips from the pain. He took full advantage of the motion, and pulled my panties off. I pout at him, while rubbing my ass, where he slapped. "I didn't hit you that hard." He grinned, but it disappear when I wrap my legs around his waist. I sat up and crush my legs against his own. "Stop talking and fuck me.. I've waited three years like a good girl for that 'Something Special'." He grinned behind pinning me down on the bed. "Oh you'll get it... Don't even have to warm you up, you're already soaking wet." He was rubbing my enterances, teasingly. I whimpered with hunger and desire. His lips fround their way to my chest again, as he moved his hard in position. Before my next whimper could escape from my lips, he thrusted inside of me. My whimper turn into a loud moan. "God you feel and taste so good... I swear you're the suger rush to my sweet tooth." Without allowing me to speak inreturn, he started to slam inside of me. He had been seriously hungry for his desert. Cause he thrusted hard and fast. He was even rubbing my clit, driving me crazy. He had me sceaming his legal name as if my life dependrd on it. "Fuck y/n!" he waited til I had hit my climax before he release a load inside of me himself. I grabbed a pillow and hit him with it. It earn me a chuckle and smile from him. "How the fuck did I not notice you weren't wearing a condom... fuck I'm not on birth control." I cover my eyes with my forearm. He moved it awag though, and kissed my lips. "Why does that matter? I was planning to propose to you tonight anyway. If you had attended the concert, you would of known the reason why I went into the candy shop was to buy you an engagement ring-pop." My jaw dropb before I attacked his lips with mine. He chuckle into the kiss as we got lost again in the sheet and got ready for round two... This time... with Now and Later Candy...

Hope you enjoy... wrote this while flying home from my vacation...

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Awww that's too damn cute!! hahaha... He her Sugar Baby lmao
Mmmmmmmm candy....
Holy snap crackle and popcorn!!!!
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Oh it was!!!!
ahhhhhhhhhhhhh My candy baby about to earn sugar daddy list. (like legit sugar) Simon is too cute I thought he was gonna rap to her he wanted to propose OMG😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆
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