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Hey Monbebes and soon to be Monbebes! Today we start week two of our Get To Know Monsta X Event. Now that you've gotten to know about the history of the seven members of Monsta X, now it's on to the fun facts and some extra knowledge about our favorite boys. And who better to start with then our adorable aegyo king Jooheon!
J: Hey monbebes! I'm Jooheon, Monsta X's Main Rapper. Alright Joohoney, now that you've introduced yourself it's time for monbebes to get to know you better, so let's get started!
J: Let's start off with some basic facts: - Jooheon's hometown is Daegu - Was a backup dancer for girl group C-Real (mentioned in last Monday's card) - Our monsta rapper is afraid of ghosts and bugs - Jooheon's favorite facial feature is his dimples. - Role model is Micheal Jackson - Can speak fluent English - Blood type O - Has a younger brother.
Some interesting Tidbits - Close friends with GOT7's Jackson and EXO's Chanyeol - Doesn't wear cologne, he wears instead a mixture of baby powder - Super obsessed with hats. - Became obsessed with rap around middle school. - Jooheon would prefer to date a younger girl ( but he is open to any age type ) - Our adorable baby took a part in SMTM4 but was unfortunately eliminated in the third round. (check out Jooheon's SMTM4 performances up top)
That's where I'm gonna end it for today. I hope you guys enjoyed the card and found out something new about this perfect human being. See you guys next Monday.
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He's such a cutie! T_T