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WARNING: ADULT CONTENT, 19+ For: KPOP or Korean Hip-Hip fanfic contest (19+) Smut Only

Ending: Dec 11, 2016

About: Jay stepping over a line of no return going after a woman he thought was normal. Jay's POV

(I wrote this story and then I remembered his song, Demon. The first chorus was always my favorite.)
This is Jay Park. I just wanna say, that some women are scary as fuck. Especially the beautiful ones. And what I'm about to tell you is true to my recollection.

I have to admit, I wasn't at all interested but my moms, she was always trying to set me up. She said her new neighbor was single, more like a divorcee. She had gotten divorced a few years ago and had been on her own since. No kids. She was five years older than me. Worked as an account. My mom being nosy as hell, managed to find out all this info on this poor unsuspecting woman. I have to admit, this woman wasn't bad looking at all. She had this look about her that said, "don't fuck with me" but with a smile, you know what I mean? Aaaaish, if it hadn't been for that body, I wouldn't have bothered and had just been respectable but damn, she took good care of herself.

I snuck over to her house one night, you know, just out for a night stroll. She was doing some work she had brought home. She tried to entertain me, giving me something to drink and asking how my night was but I could tell she was too distracted by what was on her desk. She apologized and told me that she really needed to get it done. I told her, it was alright, I understood. I mean, hey, it's not easy running an empire. She walked me to the door. As I was right behind her, watching that booty swing back and forth, I felt my groin twitching. I shook my head thinking, I gotta have that, that's gotta be mine. I was about to grab her hips when she turned around. She smiled standing next to an open door.

The way she was gazing at me, gave me goosebumps. Like I was a piece of meat, I could almost imagine her licking her chops, her mouth watering, teeth clenched ready to pounce and eat me alive. Was she giving me a signal, an opportunity? I stepped out the door onto the little porch, the cool night air cooling off my overheating body. I look up at her, I gotta play it cool, I don't want to seem overzealous about this. So I asked her if she wanted to go out later, that it wasn't too late and that we could hit up a few places, have a few drinkies, and who knows where and what we'll end up doing. She covered her smile with a closed fist and laughed. I asked her why she was laughing. She says, because she hasn't heard anyone talk that way to her in a long time. Then she tapped me under my chin like a little kid. Maybe next time, she said. She turned to go in and then stopped, giggled a bit and then said, You should've just grabbed my ass baby boy. And slams the door closed.

That bitch.

I'll show her.

I knew this house. My friend that had lived here, and the fuck of me don't remember his name, used to invite me over. I was glad to see that his tree didn't get the chops. I can climb up and go thru his window. If anything she probably slept in what used to be his parents room, across the hall from his room. I got on my blackest clothes. My moms comes into my room asking what I was doing. I told her, I'm going next door. Her eyes went big, hurried out and came back with square packets. She hands me two condoms and tells me she would prefer that I give her two grandkids before she dies. I look at her, unbelievable, MOM!, I gasped, I tell her that I'm going to need two more. She slaps me across the head. Seriously, I would need at least two more.

She shoves me out the back door, after turning the back porch light off. It's not that she didn't want me to get with this woman, it's the fact that this woman was older with no children, a divorcee... Come on mom, there's nothing wrong with that.

I go to the living room window and peek in. She's still sitting at her desk, scribbling away. She looked sexy sitting there, her hair pulled back into a pony tail, small pieces pulled out here and there, her bottom lip between her teeth. I couldn't help but think of how I would take her right there on her desk. Shove everything off to one side, papers flying every which way, hoist her up on top, strip her panties off, rip her shirt off then pull her bra off over head, lay her back across the desk, suck and bite her nipples as my hard cock slids into her. Then I would turn her over, bent over that desk, taking her from behind, holding her arms behind her back, thrusting into her like there's no tomorrow. Thrusting hard, making her scream my name until she cums.

That little fantasy was too sweet to pass up.

I climbed up that tree. Pushed the window in and then up. Somethings you never forget, like riding a bike or in this case, breaking an entry with intent. I opened the door slowly, I was too late, she was coming up the stairs. She went down the hall to the bathroom. I remember Pete, that was his name, my friend's name was Pete, had drilled a hole into the bathroom in his closet. I tip-toed over and crawled into the closet. Sure enough it was still there. I spied through that little hole and what I saw, almost made me squirt in my pants. Goddamn she was beautiful. That was it, I'm making this woman mine.

I got out of the closet, walked across the hall, right into her bedroom. Pulled the blankets off the bed, took off all my clothes. I lay there naked, at attention when she walks in, still naked herself. She doesn't scream out or even flinches, just stares at me like she was expecting me.

I thought she would come and try to drag me off the bed, making me wrestle her down until she gave in, wrapping those legs around me, letting me do her right there on the floor on the blankets that I had thrown off before. I would raise her hips up and grind into her, watching as her body arched and roll, listening to her moan my name over and over, her freshly clean skin breaking out in a sweat. Bringing her up into my lap, letting her swing those hips as I held onto to them, sucking at her beautiful tits, my conda throbbing as it slid in and out of her. She'd know then not to call me baby boy.

She stood at the foot of the bed, leering at me, her wet hair dripping water down her bare chest, leaving little water trails down the length of her body. Goddamn she was beautiful. I was getting harder just looking at her. I summoned her to come closer with my two fingers. But instead, she grabs my ankles and pulled me toward her. I swear to sweet baby Jesus, my heart was pounding hard.

She kneeled on the edge of the bed, she was impressed with what I was offering her. She smiled, kissed and licked the tip of her finger and pressed it to the tip of my waiting cock, which she used to lightly swirl around the little opening. Then ran her finger tip down to my base and back up again along the shaft. So you want to play, she says after while. I nod anxiously. I tell her to get on me. I feel her hands taking hold of me, stroking and twisting, her tongue brushing over the tip. I ready myself, anxious to feel her mouth envelop me but instead she rolled me over, pulling my hips up and pushing my head down. She grabs a handful of hair and spanks the hell out of my ass. Hell yes, I moaned. Then she tells me to stay like that.

Next thing she's tying my hands behind my back and pulls me up. Her naked body is pressing against my back, she starts nibbling on my ear and tugs my earlobe with her teeth as her nails graze down my chest. Her hands playing all over me. She pushes me back down and rolls me onto my back. She crawls up my body, licking every part of me. She teases me by grinding against me but not letting me enter her. I shift myself to take her but she lifts up and away. She laughs and says, Nuh-uh baby boy.

She comes higher and sits on my chest. She grabs another handful of hair and pulls my head up. She moves herself closer. I look up at her as I tongue her sweet pussy, her hips swaying using my face like a toy. Damn this woman but I gladly do it. She reached down and spread herself more. My tongue finds her clit, her hips sway faster against my face. Her body twitches and with every moan, I bring her close. I bite into her thigh, she screams and jerks my head back. She laughs, aww baby boy are you feeling left out, she said reaching back stroking my hard on. She crawls down between my legs, I wrap them around her so that she don't try to escape. She strokes me and teases with her tongue. I tighten my legs around her telling her to put it in her mouth but she just teases me with her tongue. I thrust my hips up but she just squeezes me with her hand. She sucks at my inner thigh hard, I feel her teeth biting into the surface. I scream that it hurts but she keeps doing it. Her tongue lapping at the blood I feel trickling down. Then she turns to the other side and does the same. She pushes my legs apart and holds them down. She licks her lips and moves up my ab, biting there and licking at the blood coming out. Her teeth are so sharp. You taste so good she moans, taking another bite along my rib. She moves on top of me, she angles herself to me and goes down slow on my hard dick. She moves up and down on me slow, making every one last.

At long last, I moan fuck yeah as she rides me. I watch her as lets her hands wander over her body, playing with her own nipples, squeezing the underside of her breasts. She gazes down at me before she pulls me up by the neck, her body still swaying in rhythm. She tilts my head back. Her soft lips lightly touching my neck, I feel her hot breath. Then I feel her teeth bite into my neck slowly. Between her fucking me and the pain I felt... I didn't want it stop.

Goddamn this woman.

I woke up the next morning...in my own bed. I don't remember how I got there, I don't even remember leaving that house. But for the rest of my stay, every night was like that. Shit, I don't even remember her name... Did she ever tell me her name? I hope she's still living there when I go back to Seattle.
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