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So I came across this article about 2ne1 and how there is possibly a comeback in store for CL, Dara, and Park Bom. just the three will come back with new group name XXI (romanized means 21). Minzy however will not be coming back, which is sad but she's breaking off to do her own thing. In the pictures below is what the article said to transpire the rumor going around. I really hope its real and we'll be able to hear new music from these 3 ladies, whose with me on that. lol
The post was created by a fan who is going off of the group name that was released but very little information had come out at that time. the post was liked by Park Bom then several hours unliked. It made people think that its true they are making a comeback in the future but no one knows when.
@PrincessUnicorn @NikkoNikole See that's what I thought cuz park bom didn't renew but I wonder how people got the name XXI and where all this came from. and princessUnicorn I agree that 2ne1 will not be forgotten and no one can replace the original even if they were members. sigh, I listen to them and it brings me back to high school days, the memories are still strong.
I want this to be real but then I'm keeping my hopes down bc hard to believe as well bc bom didn't renew her contract
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so true 😢 my emotions man
Its fake
I honestly wouldn't want them to make a comeback as a new group. Changing a name doesn't get rid of the memories. 2NE1 will never be forgotten. Also I'm pretty certain Park Bom isn't going back to YG. Unlike CL and Dara she didn't renew her contract. However if they did comeback as a trio I'm not sure how successful or even happy they would be.
I am confused
they may be coming out with a new group with the members of 2ne1 but without minzy
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