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Nali doesn't nearly have as many fans as Nalu, but that doesn't mean it isn't worth discussing. To be honest, at the beginning of the show I was a Nali fan because they had a cute past. But when Lissana returned, she did not get much attention from Natsu, well actually nobody gave her enough attention. I respect the Nali fans out there. Comment your opinion!
they really didnt give her any attention. they thought she was dead and for them she came back from the dead. she spent years in an alternate universe and she is hardly talked to or about.
Im still a NaLi fan
I gotta say I'm not a nali fan. I'm more for nalu. u can tell at the bsging on the 1st season that natsu and lucy were ment to be and ya Luciana was a childhood friend but they don't have the same romance that's nalu does. Lucy is Natsus future and Luciana is Natsus past.