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Jerza is kind of complicated, in the past Erza and Jellal were close friends. In fact, when Erza was tooken by the guards, Jellal took her place just to save her. Sadly, he was manipulated into thinking the wrong as way and became evil. Later on, when Erza saves him, he had realized that Jellal had changed. He forced her to leave in order to save her friends. The next time that they met, Jellal tried to kill her in order to revive a black wizard. Luckily, Natsu defeated Jellal and saved her. Jellal gets stuck in a unconscious state until he is healed by Wendy. Jellal lost all memory of his evil deeds, all he can remember is the name Erza. Soon, Jellal and Erza have feelings for one another. Comment your opinion!
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Im a Jerza fan ALL THE WAYY!! I honestly like Jerza more than Nalu😅😁