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Just A Little 'Bedtime Snack' Before Bed Time((Cause... that's a good idea right??))

((EDIT: Umm...yeah, I was going to post this last night but I fell that phrase Doesn't work anymore... xD)) ❤Enjoy❤

((I Don't Know Why I Find The First Gif Sexy... I Just Do XD))

❤A Couple Of Sexy Vines/ Moments For You All... You're Welcome❤

((The Third One Isn't Really Sexy, But I Still Wanted To Add It In))

❤Can't Get Enough Of The Jibooty❤

#LayedToRestByTheJibooty :')

❤That's All I Have For You All, I Hope You Enjoyed This Little Spam❤

((Should I Do This With The Other Members? I Wonder, I Wonder...))

❤Sweet Dreams❤

((EDIT: again... that phrase Doesn't work anymore)) ❤~A.R.M.Y's~❤ @QueenPandaBunny @Luna1171 @ESwee @yoongiinfiresme @kookiefan @twistedPuppy @LinnyOk @FromBlue2U IF YOU WANT TO BE ADDED TO MY BTS TAG LIST, PLEASE COMMENT OR MESSAGE ME~❤(LET ME KNOW IF YOU WANT TO BE REMOVED)
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Tell the Busan torture device to stop it!!!!! (and yes, do the other members too)
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The boy is just sex on legs
a year ago·Reply
Thank you, I can never get enough of him! 😍
a year ago·Reply
can he not?! like, really really not?! these kids need to stop!!!
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