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Konnichiwa!!! Annyeong!!! Ni hao!!! Swasdi!!!

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Jaebum- Forever Love
Koko's Choice
Everyone who knows me (Koko) knows I adore JB from Got7... His voice is like audible velvet... Silk like voice even and this song... I cant even... I am a puddle...
From the Korean Drama, Dream Knight...
Chen, Baekhyun, and Xiu Min (EXO)-For You
Nica's Choice
The OST is from Scarlet Heart Ryeo, Kdrama. I, Nica, personally love the melody of the song. The combination of Chen, Baekhyun, and Xiu Min of course never disappoint. The song touches on all my feels.
Beautiful- Baekhyun
Koko's Choice
As a baby Exo-L I have to say that Baekhyun has a very nice voice and I am big about nice voices... Like the title this song is Beautiful...
From the Korean Drama Exo Next Door...
Loco and Punch- Say Yes
Nica's Choice
The OST is from Scarlet Heart Ryeo, kdrama. I really think Loco's tone was perfect pairing with Punch and this song. The beat and melody really have me moving my head and body to the beat. When Loco comes in I get lost in his voice. Just a great listen on every aspect of the song.
Chanyeol and Punch Stay With Me
Koko's Choice
All of Exo have gorgeous voices... Chanyeol is no exception... Each note is beautifully delivered...
From the Korean Drama Goblin...
K. Will- Talk Love
Nica's Choice
The OST is from Descendants of the Sun, kdrama. Can his voice be any smoother or fill you up with emotion. From the very first note of the song my heart kicks into anticipation. My head starts bobbing along and I want to sing along. His voice is amazing and has a great range.
Got 7- Magnetic
Koko's Choice
As an IGot7 I absolutely was drawn to the "Magnetic" ness that is Got7... This song is very magnetic...
From the Korean Drama Dream Knight...
Bii- Back in Time
Nica's Choice
The OST is from Bromance, Tdrama. Bii is always amazing. His voice always perfect and pleasing. The emotions that he conveys really gets me and it was no different with this song. Also he stared in the drama, so it definitely made me think of his scenes.
FS (Fuying and Sam)- Love Temperature
Koko's Choice
Fuying and Sam make a good duet, and I like the softness of the song...
From the Taiwanese Drama 22k Aim High...
Dom. T- I want You
Nica's Choice
The OST is from 22k Aim High, Tdrama. I really love the R&B feel of the song. Of course we know I am not afraid to put a hip hop or rap song in my mix. But Dom. T's voice is so smooth. Definitely a song pleasing to the ears.

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I love Bii"s voice so much and Back In Time is my favorite OST I've heard from him, it's so beautiful and brings a tear to my eye. There are quite a few others from this list is like too like Forever Love from JB, he's my UB therefore that song is music to my ears.