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@divalycious, I agree with @deniselane773 of what she said. Don't be upset.馃槂 LMH must be fluent in English in this drama. Remember, he project being an Heir...I know it will be hard on his part specially the accent but he knew that after he signed the contract and I hope he will do his best to give justice for his role. 馃槂
@bquimzon ... so not upset ... just an observation ... i think most women, fans, girls [me included] are not really concerned with his accent ... ;) ... if you know what i mean ... lol
@divalycious I indeed agree...as long as LMH makes us happy and he gives us good quality drama we're solid good. 馃憤馃槂
@divalycious@bquimzon...I sure agree with you both...LMH is a beautiful man! Inside and outside... And a joy to watch :)
I would listen min ho speaks perfect English, this will help a lot the American cinemas think.