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He got out the car and locked it (completely forgetting that there was still a collar and chain by his neck). His knuckles thudded against the door and he read the sign 'Kim Household'. Was this really the guy? The door swung open and he waited patiently as the person before him was revealed. It was you. He was confused, you weren't Taehyung. Why did you look vaguely familiar? Your hair was up in a messy bun and you were dressed in a figure hugging black tank top and baggy trousers. "Can I help you?" You asked as you scanned the boy stood before you. "I-" this is the first time he actually spoke so it took him a bit to get a grip with the words he needed to say. He cleared his throat and continued, "Is Taehyung there?" You shook your head, "he's just gone round the shop for five, he'll be back soon would you like to come in?" He stepped into the calming house. It appeared to be much more comforting than that white hospital lab type building he woke up in. "I'm Y/N by the way and you are?" He raised his head to look into your eyes. He was getting attempting to get used to having company. "Baekhyun." Your facial expressions softened. "Ah! Yes, I think I've met you before, when we were younger. I'm Taehyung's best friend. I- I thought you went off somewhere" "How come?" "Taehyung never told me but I assumed you either died or moved far away" He was confused. More facts, more things to remember. 'Y/N is Taehyung's best friend' he repeated continuously in his head. "Can I get you a drink?" You kindly asked. "W-wa-water?" You giggled at his peculiar behaviour and went to grab his drink. 'Water? War-ter?' He questioned the word. 'That's the natural resource isn't it?' His questions were cut short as you walked back in. This time he got to examine you properly. He wasn't quite sure over what 'feelings' were but he felt something when he saw you. He... Liked to see you? He found you to be mesmerising. He wanted to ask you as much as he could until Taehyung got back. "So we've met before then?" "Yeah, I've ur.. seen you here before. You used to live here with Tae." This guy must have been close to him. "But you looked different back then, that's probably why I didn't recognise you at first. You're his older brother remember?" "No I don't!" You didn't quite understand him, he was so flustered that he couldn't recall the simplest of things. "I was in some white room. I woke up. I need help to remember things. I want to know who did this to me. From what you said, I had a proper life beforehand so why take that away from me?" Aww. You pitied him. The black haired boy got closer to you, there was almost no distance between you two. "Please help me" he begged. You nodded cautiously. "You and Tae were close brothers from what I saw. That's why your parents allowed you to share their house. He was gutted when you left but I'm sure he'll love to see you when he gets back!" "And what about you?" "Me?" "What was I like to you?" You didn't want to mention that he was a bit flirty around you or that you had a small crush on him. But you were younger, you didn't really know love back then. He'd certainly got more attractive. "You were nice to me, really nice. You teased and looked after me like I was your sister" He nodded. Some of it was coming back to him. ~flashback~ You were wearing your hair in piggy tails. While you and Tae were sat on the floor playing with action figures, he was sat on the sofa directly behind you. He gently held onto your piggy tad and flung them from side to side. "Little piggy, piggy tails swinging to and fro. Little little piggy tails, wherever shall they go?" You giggled at Baekhyun being silly and carried on your game. He moved closer and used one section as a moustache. "Hello I'm moustache man. Moustachyun." "Baek, stop it. Wanna come play rather than messing around?" "Fine but it better not be that boyfriends and girlfriends game again!" ~end of flashback~ ~flashback~ "Hey Y/N, miss new teen!" He called out to you. It was your 13th birthday yesterday and so you visited the two boys today. "Shut up Bae!" You whined. "Already hormonal I see!" "I said shut it" you hit lightly at his chest. He then tried to dramatically fall to the floor as if he was dying. You giggled at his antics and leant down to drag him up. He took this opportunity while you were close to him as he whispered in your ear. "Hopefully these hormones'll mean you get big boobs" You whole face heated up as you pushed him back down to the floor. ~end of flashback~ He could faintly sense that maybe he liked you, at one point or another, but he wasn't quite sure yet. "I... I remember a bit more." You smiled at him. "You looked cute with piggy tails that's for sure" he smirked. You blushed lightly. There it was, your compassion for him, what drew you to him in the first place. Your tongue lightly brushed over your lips as a nervous habit you did as your eyes lowered away from his stare. "I think Taehyung and I competed for you at one point, is that right?" "Y-yeah" you stuttered. The two boys used to pretend to fight over you, wanting to claim you as theirs. They'd take it in turns to be the hero and villain. Yet, the little role play didn't always go according to plan. ~flashback~ "So, now I've captured you, you are my girl alright?" Taehyung proudly proclaimed. Baekhyun shot out from behind the sofa. "Well I'm here to save her, she's mine anyway" "Well you can't save her!" "Why not?" "Because she's already turned evil and doesn't want to go back to you" "But that's not what we agreed Tae!" "So? I claimed her!" "And I'm taking her from you" Your eyes bounced between the two boys before you. Why couldn't you be the hero or villain for once? "Hyung, she's not going anywhere!" Taehyung cried before flinging his wooden sword at Baekhyun. "Don't worry Y/N! I'll save you" Bae declared before sword fighting Tae. ~end of flashback~