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I was tagged by the lovely @IsoldaPazo so of course I had to do this .....it is very hard because I stan 282928272772 groups but here goes nothing haha

I've changed UB'S 3 times now but so far the love for my kimchi is going strong! he's just too perfect not to love and he's a giant baby.......also fun fact kimchi is the future winner of smtm haha he is a rap king! ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

Bias wrecker #5

again this is totally hard to choose because I have a lot of bias wreckers but this man is definitely dangerous s.coups has been my love way before I even got into Seventeen he's just way too perfect .....and he's got perfect assets if you get my drift hahaha

Bias Wrecker #4

Heejun my beautiful frog prince who oddly enough was my og UB of knk I love this kid more than life he's beyond talented and he's the cutest thing ever

Bias wrecker #3

and in my personal opinion one of the most dangerous Taeho came in like a wrecking ball on steroids while on a speeding train haha seriously this kid here ....is WAY to perfect for life it self he's ultra talented and idk what it is with this kid but man he truly threatens my bias list like no others.....if it wasn't for my top 2 wreckers he'd easily be number 1

Bias Wrecker #2 aka Lowkey my soulmate

since the very moment I laid eyes upon this beautiful creature that was it! Ten Is seriously my love for those that know me thai guys are like my ultimate weakness but a man that can dance .....and is literally perfection personified....that my friends is life right there ....seriously this kid makes me way too happy and to anyone who feels that ten is not perfect I would like to see evidence in the form of a 100 slide power point . thank yoy

Bias Wrecker #1 aka highkey the love of my life and the reason why Ten isn't number one

I'm pretty sure most of you know this specimen so he needs no introduction .....but every since I fell in love with monstaX this man has been the death of me. he's just pushes through my bias list like he owns the place and melts my soul whenever I lay eyes on him....also he lives up to his name and it's the biggest hoe in kpop again if you disagree...please create a 100 slide power point presentation...thank you
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jaja such a good list of wreckers