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Hi hi!!! Update for kooki!!! oh I wonder how this will go. okay it took a turn and went a little bit funny, had to cheer sarah up a bit and Uhm uhm uhm CHOCOLATE! lol
Jenni wasn't sure what to do for her friend. As she left the room she had to think about what could make her feel better. A giant Tiger. Chocolate. Chocolate fountain she could dip cookies into. Kooki! ah okay she had a few ideas she could come up with. As she was downstairs in the gift shop she couldn't find a big enough stuffed animal for her friend. "Are you okay miss?" Someone asked and Jenni turned to the person "Yes just looking for a present to cheer my friend up" jenni said to the clerk woman. "Something bad must have happened. Your crying dear" she pointed out. Jenni touched her face. She felt tears coming down her face. The woman tried to comfort Jenni and soon she had a box of chocolate and flowers in her hands to take up to her friend. The lady gave her half off after feeling bad for her. It was an interesting way of getting a discount. Outside the giftshop was a little waiting area and so Jenni went there and did what she didn't think she would do. Call Namjoon. "Panda what's going on?" Namjoon answered. A sniffle came out of her. "Joonie" she said his name. "What's wrong panda?' He asked sounding concerned. "Joonie I need you to do me 2 favors" she said "What is it? He asked. "Are you crying?" He asked. "Can you pick up a really big tiger stuffed animal" she started. He didn't question. "And can you bring kooki, just kooki no one else to the hospital" she asked next. There was a sharp intake. "Jenni did you hurt yourself again?" He asked making her chuckle but it sounded cracked as she was still crying. "No, why would you think that?" Jenni asked. "Because the last time I had to go to the hospital you had hurt yourself" he pointed out. "Oh yea, good point. But no, I actually wish I was here because I hurt myself." Jenni sighed. "Then sarah hurt herself? Or did you get her with the frying pan?' He half joked. "No and that was one time, she didn't move fast enough. There was no stitches or trip outside of the apartment" jenni pointed out laughing. "Are you feeling less sad?" He asked. Ah that was what he was doing. "Yes thanks." Jenni nodded. "So you going to tell me why your there?" He asked. "Uhm when you two get here." She said. "Alright I'll just bring kooki. We'll be there in 30 minutes." He said. "Uh if you can get here any sooner then that it would be helpful" she hedged. "When we get there panda! I got to get a tiger as well' he added. "Okay okay got it" jenni chuckled. Jenni waited a couple minutes before she went up to the room. Sarah was curled up in a ball and she could hear her crying silently. "Sarah" jenni said entering the room.  "Jenni" she turned towards me "you just left me" she cried out. "How could you just leave me like that" she said. "I'm sorry Sarah you said you wanted to be alone" Jenni cried out. "Noo don't cry. You'll make me start crying again" sarah said. "But but I'm sad and I don't know what to do" jenni said as she pushed the flowers and box of chocolate at her friend. "Chocolate!" Sarah sniffled. "Yes, a lady down stairs helped me" she said. Sarah moved over and Jenni sat on the bed with her. "You know I was happy for a moment that I lost it" sarah said after eating several chocolates. "But I'm really sad too. I was looking forward to having this baby" she sighed. "At least now I really won't have to tell kooki he almost became a father" she went back to that. Jenni had to look away from her in fear of showing her face. "You know he should know. He has a right to know that" jenni told her. "But he freaked when he thought I was pregnant" sarah said. "You freaked when you found out you were pregnant" jenni said. "Look kooki should know so that he can comfort you and understand what's going on" jenni pointed out. " I don't want to be comforted. I want to wallow in my misery alone" sarah cried out. "Fine then I'll leave you alone. I'll take the not so helpful chocolate with me too" jenni went to take the box but sarah pulled it closer. "No" she snapped "my chocolate. They help! chocolate always helps" she cried out then burst into tears. "Awe well something helps" jenni chuckled. "Go get me more while you leave me alone" she cried. Jenni looked to see the box only had 3 pieces of chocolate left. "You want more? Any specific?' Jenni asked with a sigh. "I want the ones filled with milk chocolate! And something crunchy! And milk to go with my chocolate and cookies-" she stopped then burst into tears "I want kooki" she whined. Oh it broke Jenni's heart to see her like this. "Well I can get some of those things" jenni said. "If you leave me your dead to me" sarah said when Jenni got off the bed and moved to the door. Jenni turned and burst into tears too. "I don't know what to do. Chocolate or stay" jenni said. "Chocolate" sarah yelled. "Okay I'm getting you chocolate Tiger" jenni said. "Chocolate tiger?" Sarah perked up at the idea. "I'm not dipping you in chocolate" jenni said. Sarah stopped crying for a moment thinking that over. "I'd be okay being dipped in chocolate" she finally said. "I'm not dipping you in chocolate" jenni exclaimed. "Then dip kooki in chocolate for me" she countered. "Oh god no. I'm not! oh and don't tell me what you want to do with him then" jenni stared at her friend in horror. "But you would be curious!" Sarah hiccupped and laughed. "No! I would not! Lalala I'm getting you plan old chocolate! And you'll like it!" Jenni said trying to escape the room. "Better be yummy! And not old" sarah called out. Sarah was no longer crying and neither was Jenni but she knew it wouldn't last long. "Chocolate chocolate chocolate" jenni repeated on her way down the stairs and to the gift shop again. She picked out several boxes for a variety of chocolates, paid for it and left the shop. "Jenni" someone called out my name "Panda!" That would be Joonie. I turned to see everyone. Namjoon brought everyone with him. Her eyes widened. "I said just kooki!" Jenni said when they all stopped in front of her. "They followed we couldn't stop them after I said hospital" namjoon said as he hugged Jenni. "Well this will be awkward" jenni said. "What's going on? Is sarah hurt?" Kooki asked. He had a big tiger in his hands and he was looking around it to see Jenni. "Well no she's not physically hurt" jenni said slowly. "Did she go mentally insane?" Jimin asked. "Uh" a noise came out of Jenni at that question. "Maybe. I don't know, she's crazy, but so am I and you'd be coming in through a different door" jenni said which made some of them laugh. "Where is she?" Kooki asked. "Upstairs. Come on I'll take you." Jenni said. She led them all to the room then turned and said just kooki could come in. "Sarah" jenni said entering the door. "I brought chocolate back" jenni announced. "And a tiger" sarah noted seeing the giant tiger behind jenni. Kooki popped his head around the tiger. "And kooki" she said shocked. "And neither of those are in chocolate" she added. "No. Behave or I'll take this chocolate out of this room" jenni said. "Um jenni can you leave us alone for a minute?" Kooki asked.
hahahaha oh this ended up being to funny I couldn't help but use it all. lol and hmm oh sarah I see us acting this way, wait I think we already did lol so now you kicking Jenni out a the room or gonna let her stay. hmm she may sit in a corner grab a box of chocolate and watch what goes down. lol that be entertaining yes yes entertainment for Jenni??? hmm hmm hint hint let Jenni stay lol
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Oh that is too funny now comes seriousness.....since Kookie is there...oh bit now goal is to get Kookie in chocolate lol
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oh, Kookie tears.....I can't handle that. The other boys need to go....NOW. Joonie needs to get them to leave before someone sees them again. Plus it's too much attention to have crying BTS there, 'cause you know it won't just be Kookie crying once the guys find out.